The System Lab Brings Billowing Concrete Forms to a Volcanic Island Resort in South Korea

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From Front Kettal: Chaise Longues, Tables, Chairs.

At Healing Stay Kosmos, a resort on the South Korean island of Ulleungdo by the System Lab, the dozen guest rooms are housed in two buildings formed from ultra-thin concrete. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

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Cherner Chair Company: Chairs.

Naechon: Custom Table.

FontanaArte: Floor Lamp.

Poltrona Frau: Sofa, Teal Armchair.

Knoll: Beige Lounge Chair.

Nanimarquina: Rug.

In the dining area of the main building, Villa Kosmos, a custom table by Jeongsup Lee sits on resin flooring embellished with polished-granite “crazy paving.” Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

A custom concrete ring is part of the resort’s two-piece sculpture representing yin and yang. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

A stair of oak treads rises up from its lobby floored in slate. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

Villa Terre, the property’s smaller building, contains eight guest rooms across five barrel-vaulted units. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

Rough Korean granite walls flank the whirlpool in Villa Kosmos. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

Cedar planks front Villa Terre. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

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Flexform: Beds.

Tacchini: Tables.

Catellani & Smith: Lamps.

FIAM Italia: Chairs.

In the Venus suite, a custom leather-upholstered wardrobe and matching luggage rack rest on polished-granite flooring. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

Cedar also lines the Finnish-style sauna in Villa Kosmos. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

The resort is sited above the East Sea, in the shadow of Songgotbong, or Ice Pick Peak. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

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Gloster: Lanterns.

Throughout Euro Stone: Granite Surfacing.

Barit: Resin Flooring.

Rak Korea: Pavers.

Intech: Recessed Lighting Fixtures.

Easement Co.: Curtain Fabric.

Donghwa and Co.: Custom Siding.

Deawon Facade Co.: Custom Windows.

Eagon Industrial Co.: Custom Doors.

Homeart Co.Samhwa Paint Industrial Co.: Paint.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec chairs surround a Patricia Urquiola table on Villa Kosmos’s terrace. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

A sinuous concrete and teak stairway leads from Villa Terre to Villa Kosmos, which sits at the tip of the promontory. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.

Inky polished-marble flooring ties into the Mercury suite’s water theme. Photography by Yongkwan Kim.