Lidewij Edelkoort Is One of The Most Influential Trend Forecasters

The founder of Trend Union and dean at New York’s Parsons School of Design. Photography by Erwin Olaf/Louis Vuitton and the Rijksmuseum.

An image from Bloom magazine, 2004. Photography by Thomas Straub. 

Talking Textiles, a magazine promoting New York Textile Month, 2017. Photog­raphy courtesy of Lidewij Edelkoort.

A Royal College of Art installation curated by Edelkoort for 2013’s Arnhem Fashion Biennale in the Netherlands. Photography by Gerrit Schreurs.

From Trend Union’s General Trend Book, 2008, “Landscaping Interiors.” Pho­tography courtesy of Nanimarquina.

From a Trend Union book, 2011, “Gift of Light.” Photography courtesy of Tara Donovan.

An Edelkoort­ curated installation by Borre Akkersdijk for 2013’s Arnhem Fashion Biennale. Photography by Gerrit Schreurs.

Wire shaped into the word "folk."

A hand­ assembled Trend Union binder. Photography courtesy of Edelkoort.

Rubelli Venezia textiles conceptualized by Edelkoort, 2012. Photography by Sacha van Dorssen/Rubelli Venezia.

From View on Colour magazine, 1995. Photography by Javier Vallhonrat.

View on Colour, 1997. Photography by Tyen.

Celebrating the reign of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, a 2010 plate by Edelkoort. Photography courtesy of Edelkoort.

From Bloom magazine, 2000. Photography by Thomas Straub.

From Bloom magazine, 2000. Photography by Thomas Straub.

Paulina Matusiak’s logo for the school that Edelkoort co­founded in Poznan, Poland. Photography courtesy of Edelkoort.

From View on Colour magazine, 2000. Photography by Thomas Straub.

Rubelli Venezia textiles conceptualized by Edelkoort. Photog­raphy by Marie Taillefer/Rubelli Venezia.

“Open Ended: The Edelkoort Design Collection” at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, 2015. Photography by Ruud Balk.

Other pieces from the exhibition. Photography by Ruud Balk.

Used for inspiration, Interview magazine's image of Marc Jacobs, 2008. Photog­raphy by Todd Eberle.

Li Edelkoort's heart-shaped fingerprint. Photography by David Malan.

Li Edelkoort's signature. Photography by David Malan.

The Nissan Micra, 1992. Photography courtesy of Edelkoort.

With Nacho Carbonell’s Pump It Up, part of the Design Academy Eindhoven’s “Family of Form” at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, 2007. Photography courtesy of the Design Academy Eindhoven.