Interior Design's Market Live Connects 100 Designers With Emerging Brands

Jayne Michaels of 2Michaels, Cindy Allen, editor in chief of Interior Design, Gisue Hariri of Hariri & Hariri Architecture, Joan Michaels of 2Michaels, and Rio Hamilton. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Market Live was held at Interior Design's NYC headquarters. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Attendees enjoyed catering by Naturally Delicious. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Henry Ren and Ben Feng of Multi Tile. Photography by Erik Bardin.

John Wang and Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Tsewang Lama of Bespoke Tibetan Carpets. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Amy Tanenbaum and Anna Schoettle of SICIS. Photography by Erik Bardin.

John Ozturk of Garden on the Wall. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Sarah Roorda of Fireclay Tile. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Tony King and Dan Van Cleave of Gemstone. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Amer Maleh and Nancy Sawyer of i2Systems. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Veronica Macasaet, Megan Lesniak, and Huw Griffiths of Savoir Beds. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Michele Mollihan and Alison Martin of Townsend Leather. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Clarissa Hulsey Bailey and Heidi Lee-Komaromi of TWYLA with artist Laura Seiden. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Nicole Block of Tyles. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Annie Block, deputy editor of Interior Design, with Kristen Brodgesell and Lisa Mendelson of AvroKO. Photography by Erik Bardin. 

Cristina Brochetta of GT Design. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Jillian O'Neill and Perry Betts of Jillian O'Neill Collection. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Megan Lesniak of Savoir Beds, Jared Bledsoe of Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, Blake Kurasek of HOK, and Norris Mangaroo of HOK. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Robin Reigi of Robin Reigi and Angus Stocks of Smith and Fong Plyboo. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Jayne Michaels of 2Michaels, Lisa Hargus of Ellen Hanson Designs, Erin Shea of Ellen Hanson Designs, and Joan Michaels of 2Michaels. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Courtney Richardson and Jenny Bukovec of Rockwell Group. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Dora Dmitriev of Ike Kligerman Barkley and Stephanie Messersmith of VUW Studio. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Erica Holborn, president of SANDOW, and Jean-Luc Deschaine of Maljec. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Andrew Salter, Niti Dattani, and Laura Bishop of Gensler. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Betsy McDonald and Steve Kelly of angela adams. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Robin Roberts and Norman Roberts of Roberts Plywood. Photography by Erik Bardin.