Moss & Lam Gets Creative in a Toronto Warehouse

Moss & Lam’s creative director poses at the studio. Photography by Light Monkey Photography.

This acrylic on canvas is the basis for a line of wall coverings. Photography by Evan Dion.

Moss & Lam artisans form a W1 table out of plaster, glue, and pigment. Photography by Evan Dion.

The studio makes its own paintbrushes with natural bristles. Photography by Evan Dion.

Birch plywood and recycled-plastic acoustical tiles line the wall separating the kitchen from the prototyping workshop. Photography by Evan Dion.

Custom skylights were added to the entrance. Photography by Evan Dion.

One acrylic on canvas is being painted for a Toronto house by Hariri Pontarini Architects, while the other, awaiting several coats of glaze, will head to a Hong Kong residential development by Yabu Pushelberg. Photography by Evan Dion.

After receiving a thin layer of acrylic dye followed by a textured layer of washable acrylic paint, this canvas will be cut into sections, each to create a feature wall for a guest room at a Moxy Hotel by Yabu Pushelberg in New York. Photography by Evan Dion.

Supplies are used for both prototyping and production. Photography by Evan Dion.

More than 8,000 texture and color samples fill the materials library. Photography by Evan Dion.

The ceiling in the studio is 24 feet high. Photography by Evan Dion.