2017 CODAawards Winners Represent the Best Site-Specific Art

Commercial merit: 888 Boylston Street by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir and FXFOWLE. Location: Boston. Photography by Anton Grassi/Esto. 

Commercial merit: Wuhan Wushang Mall International Cinema by One Plus Partnership Limited. Location: Wuhan, China. Photography by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

Commercial merit: Altered States of Light Vol1 by Aliya Orr and Sakchin Bessette. Location: Seoul. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Education merit: Illuminated Arboreal Data Codes by Koryn Rolstad. Location: Lubbock, TX. Photography by Justin Burrus.

Education merit: Swim Swarm Glide by Erik Carlson. Location: Boulder, CO. Photography by Erik Carlson.

Education merit: (any) Body Oddly Propped by Doug and Mike Starn. Location: Princeton, NJ. Image courtesy of CODAworx.  

Healthcare merit: CIBC Just for Kids Clinic by Mike Ellis, Sydney Smith, and Diamond Schmitt Architects. Location: Toronto. Photography by Lisa Logan.

Healthcare merit: Building for Transformative Medicine by Katy Flammia/NBBJ. Location: Boston. Photography by Sean Airhart/NBBJ.

Healthcare merit: The Streets and Hills of San Francisco by Arthur Stern Studios. Location: San Francisco. Photography by Arthur Stern.

Hospitality merit: Guangzhou Jinyi Cinema by One Plus Partnership Limited. Location: Guangzhou, China. Photography by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

Hospitality merit: Hilton Jinan South by Wilson Associates, Singapore Design Team. Location: Jinan, China. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Hospitality merit: 1 Hotel South Beach by Meyer Davis Studio. Location: Miami. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Institutional merit: Diffusion Choir by Sosolimited. Location: Cambridge, MA. Photography by Sosolimited.

Institutional merit: EVV Immersive Theater by Adam Buente, Kyle Perry, and Project One Studio. Location: Evansville, IN. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Institutional merit: Ventricle by SOFTlab and Michael Szivos. Location: London. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Landscape merit: Nova Lumina by Moment Factory. Location: Chandler, Canada. Photography by Moment Factory.

Landscape merit: Cloud House by Matthew Mazzotta. Location: Springfield, MO. Photography by Tim Hawley.

Landscape merit: Marking by Jill Anholt. Location: Calgary. Photography by Carlos Amat.

Liturgical merit: AURA by Moment Factory. Location: Montreal. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Liturgical merit: St. Johannes Church by Prof. Max Uhlig and Derix Glassstudios. Location: Magdeburg, Germany. Photography by Frank Bilda.

Liturgical merit: Ci-Lines by Aaron Asis. Location: Philadelphia. Photography by Aaron Asis.

Public Spaces merit: A Million Things That Make Your Head Spin by Megan Geckler. Location: Sydney. Photography by Jessica Lindsay.

Public Spaces merit: Cypress Landing by Matthew Geller and Diana Kingsley. Location: Miami. Photography by Sandy DeWitt.

Public Spaces merit: Sidewalk Harp by Jen Lewin Studio. Location: Minneapolis. Image courtesy of the artist.

Public Spaces merit: Luminothérapie - Loop by Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve. Location: Montreal. Photography by Ulysse Lemerise/OSA Images.

Residential merit: The Austin by Susan Madasci. Location: Hong Kong. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Residential merit: The Cube by CCS Architecture. Location: San Francisco. Photography by Eric Laignel.

Residential merit: Spar Und Bauverein Building by Martin Donlin. Location: Paderborn, Germany. Image courtesy of CODAworx. 

Transportation merit: Riverside Roundabout: Faces of Elysian by Freyja Bardell and Brian Howe. Location: Los Angeles. Photography by Mariah Tauger/LA Times.

Transportation merit: Pittsburgh International Airport by Clayton Merrell. Location: Pittsburgh. Image courtesy of CODAworx.

Transportation merit: The Wehrhahn Line Project by netzwerkarchitekten. Location: Düsseldorf, Germany. Photography by Jörg Hempel.