Digital-Savvy Hostel Coo Opens in Singapore

An angular mesh screen defining Coo's entry takes cues from the metal gates around the area’s housing estates. Photography by Edward Hendricks. 

Ministry of Design instituted new design elements throughout, refreshing the ground level’s entry, reception, and bistro, which seats 60. Photography by Edward Hendricks. 

The hostel occupies a four-story building that had been a hostel previously: The Plot, designed by Poole Associates and EK Architects. Photography by Edward Hendricks. 

Digitally printed wallpaper features punchy graphics of modernist architecture, bird cages, and more. Photography by Edward Hendricks. 

The upstairs guest floors already boasted a host of industrial chic elements, including Poole’s built-in bunk beds in dormitories. Photography by Edward Hendricks. 

Wall stickers guide guests through eight reminders. Photography by Edward Hendricks. 

Cheeky acrylic signage adorns the shower. Photography by Edward Hendricks.