Clodagh’s Meditative East, Miami, Hotel Channels Asian Tradition

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Andrianna Shamaris
Ceiling Material

At the East, Miami, Clodagh Design International placed screens hand-carved from palm trees along a wall in the pre-function area for the ballroom. Photography by Eric Laignel.

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Custom Bench
Fairmount Designs
Custom Ottomans
Lorna Lee John Muller Designs

Travertine lines the lobby. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

Artist Alexander Mijares painted the stairwell. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

An aluminum screen backs the reception desk. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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Andreu World
Custom Screens
Bradford Products

Sliding screens in teak and glass allow the bar to switch between cocktails and coffee. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

Copper tubes form the lobby’s fountain. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

Elevator cabs feature infinity mirrors. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

Guests receive branded phone chargers. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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Michael Curry Mosaics

Lenticular glass appears in an elevator vestibule. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

The pre-function area’s lighting installation combines copper, steel, and acrylic. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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Custom Pillows
American Upholstery Design

Clodagh herself shot the photograph behind each bed. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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Custom Runner
Signature Carpets

Guest corridors are paneled in laminate. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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The ballroom’s restroom features Clodagh’s own pedestal sinks. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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Apaiser: Custom Vanity.

Jaclo: Sink Fittings.

Sink Fittings
Custom Vanity

Guest bathrooms’ sink vanities are reconstituted marble dust. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

Some oak built-in drawers in guest rooms are big enough to hold suitcases. Photography by Eric Laignel. 

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American Upholstery Design: Custom Pillows.

Through Out Of Asia: Cocktail Table.

Through Lang & Schwander: Seating.

Architex International: Sofa Fabric.

Illumination Lighting: Custom Pendant Fixture.

Meridien Textiles: Custom Rug.

Custom Pillows
American Upholstery Design
Cocktail Table
Out of Asia
Lang & Schwander
Sofa Fabric
Architex International
Custom Pendant Fixture
Illumination Lighting
Custom Rug
Meridien Textiles

An apartment’s cocktail table is made from teak roots. Photography by Eric Laignel.