18 Eclectic Furniture Pieces From Design Days Dubai 2017

Handmade by local artisans in Beirut, Lebanon, the Lean lamps by Tarek ElKassouf are touch sensitive. Photography copyright Tarek ElKassouf and Design Days Dubai.

London-based Welsh designer Bethan Gray created the Dhow coffee table, which was inspired by the traditional Dhow sailing boats of Oman. Photography copyright Bethan Gray and Design Days Dubai.

The sculptural Primary Fluorescents light by OS & OOS, a design studio that was launched in Eindhoven in 2011 by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, consists of a neon tube supported by an aluminum base. Photography copyright OS & OOS and Design Days Dubai.

Illustrating an urban skyline with skyscrapers, the Wave City limited-edition coffee table by Cypriot designer Stelios Mousarris is made from wood, steel, and 3-D printing technology. Photography copyright Mousarris and Design Days Dubai.

The Jorjuk coffee table by Pakistani design studio Coalesce reflects the idea of tension through its skeletal, exposed structure. Photography copyright Coalesce and Design Days Dubai.

Specially commissioned for Design Days Dubai 2017, the installation “Sonuslexica” was created using sonic waves by Apical Reform, a collaborative design studio based in India. Photography copyright Apical Reform and Design Days Dubai.

Designed by Nada Debs—who was born in Lebanon and raised in Japan–the Steelscrapers tables are made of brass, copper, and acid-treated steel. Photography copyright Nada Debs and Design Days Dubai.

Inspired by the urban environment, the towering brass Fractures lamps were created by Lebanese architect, designer, and urban planner Tarek ElKassouf. Photography copyright Tarek ElKassouf and Design Days Dubai.

Designed by Kas Oosterhuis, this new version of the Body Chair was presented by the Dutch Creative Industry. The upholstery of the BYYU 30.1 is based on visual artist Ilona Lénárd’s Omniverse #2 Jacquard woven tapestry. Photography copyright Dutch Creative Industry and Design Days Dubai. 

Made of wood, metal, and marble, the new coffee table by interior and furniture designer Jafar Dajani—who is based in Dubai—was inspired by the De Stijl movements and the style of Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld. Photography copyright Jafar Dajani and Design Days Dubai.

Designed by Dubai's Nader Gammas, the Tower Tall lighting is made of marble and brass. The base can be customized. Photography copyright Nadar Gammas and Design Days Dubai. 

Examining the abstraction of penetration, folding, layering and juxtaposition, the new gold version of the Origami chair by Philadelphia-born designer Philip Michael Wolfson—who has offices in London and Miami—is both sculptural and experimental. Photography copyright Wolfson Design and Design Days Dubai.

Australia-born, London-based designer Brodie Neill exhibited the multicolored and organic Remix chaise lounge, which is carved from reclaimed materials including plastics and woods. Photography copyright Brodie Neill and Design Days Dubai. 

Functional and artistic, the pieces of furniture and accessories designed by Philip Michael Wolfson are inspired by Constructivism and Futurism. The “Why/Why not” mirror and console are derived from the letter Q. The spiral shape refers to infinity. Photography copyright Wolfson Design and Design Days Dubai.

For the first time this year, Territoire(s) brought a selection of the most beautiful and exclusive examples of French contemporary design to the Middle East, including the Mobius desk in European walnut by Pierre RenartPhotography copyright Pierre Renart and Design Days Dubai.

Multidisciplinary designer Aljoud Lootah, based in Dubai, presented her first porcelain collection, titled Tebr, which means raw gold. The Mizlay vase is one example. Photography copyright Aljoud Lootah and Design Days Dubai.

Specializing in ceramics and more recently glass, Irish designer and artist Michael Rice presented Coriolis. Photography copyright Michael Rice and Design Days Dubai.

Swiss artist Cecilia Setterdahl, who is based in Dubai’s Design District and is the founder of Carpets CC, creates hand-knotted carpets using her own original geometric paintings as the design. Dress Code is one of the pieces presented during Design Days Dubai 2017. Photography copyright Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl and Design Days Dubai.