11 Highlights From IMM Cologne 2017

The powder-coated steel and aluminum Edge coffee table prototype by Roee Magdassi for IMM Pure Talents comes with a built-in carrying handle for impromptu rearranging. Photography courtesy of Roee Magdassi.

Edge's handle folds down when not in use to act as an edge—keeping, say, fruit from rolling away. Photography courtesy of Roee Magdassi.

The Edge table can be used both indoors and out. Photography courtesy of Roee Magdassi.

The Mera sofa by Beck Design for Rolf Benz allows sitting, reclining, and relaxing with a steel frame that easily transforms. Photography courtesy of Rolf Benz.

Flipping the backrest up gives the Mera sofa extra-high support for more comfortable lounging. Photography courtesy of Rolf Benz.

The Mera sofa is offered in two seating heights with a range of upholstery options. Photography courtesy of Rolf Benz.

With a circular base and a square seat that flows into a high backrest, Flint by Jehs + Laub for COR Sitzmöbel combines a hard shell and a cushioned seating core. Photography courtesy of COR Sitzmöbel.

The Flint chair is offered on both gliders or a rotating plate. Photography courtesy of COR Sitzmöbel.

Leather and fabric upholstery options allow Flint to be rendered in contrasting colors and materials. Photography courtesy of COR Sitzmöbel.

Simplicity and craftsmanship combine in Cecilie Manz's Workshop chair for Muuto. Photography courtesy of Muuto.


Workshop's sturdy solid wood frame—in either oak or Oregon pine, natural or stained black—is paired with a back and seat made from veneer. Photography courtesy of Muuto.

A detail of the Workshop chair. Photography courtesy of Muuto.

While the 1460 Fontana dining table by Georg Appeltshauser and Gino Carollo for Draenert made its debut in 2014 in natural stone, it is now available in wood. Photography courtesy of Draenert.

Extra dinner guests? No problem. Thanks to a patented extension mechanism, 1460 Fontana Wood can grow to over nine feet long, comfortably seating eight. Photography courtesy of Draenert.

1460 Fontana Wood can be rendered in solid oak or American walnut in various finishes. Photography courtesy of Draenert.

Launched at iSaloni last year, the Tres rug by Nani Marquina for Nanimarquina is now available in two new hues—chocolate and pearl. The seven color options also include black, blue, sage, ocher, and turquoise. Photography courtesy of Nanimarquina.

Tres's name is a nod to its three-fiber woven composition—consisting of New Zealand wool, felt, and cotton. Photography courtesy of Nanimarquina.

Nani Marquina, right, poses with the new colors in the Tres collection. Photography courtesy of Nanimarquina.

Wide, robust legs distinguish the indoor-outdoor Pontsun dining table by Dirk Wynants for Extremis. Photography courtesy of Extremis.

The designers drew from the origami technique and the repetition of wooden planks in pontoons and piers for Pontsun's design. Photography courtesy of Extremis.

The table's name is Japanese for "pontoon"—a naturally buoyant flotation device or flat-hulled boat built from these devices. Photography courtesy of Extremis.

An homage to the pre-digital era, the Goldwaage prototype wardrobe by Vera Aldejohann for IMM Pure Talents functions similar to a mechanical balance scale. Photography courtesy of Vera Aldejohann.

Removing or adding an item of clothing lifts or drops one side of the Goldwaage wardrobe. Photography courtesy of Vera Aldejohann.

To achieve balance, a user may need to add rocks to a weighing pan. Photography courtesy of Vera Aldejohann.

Tricolore vases by Sebastian Herkner for &tradition are actually made out of two vases of tinted, mouthblown glass that are joined together. Photography courtesy of &tradition.

Tricolore's layering effect creates an interesting color composition. Photography courtesy of &tradition.

Tricolore is Herkner's first design for &tradition. Photography courtesy of &tradition.

Birkenstock, the brand celebrated for its comfortable sandals, wants to make beds comfortable as well. The brand has jumped into the home furnishings market with a series of six beds. Photography courtesy of Birkenstock.

With a cushioned headboard, the upholstered Montreal comes with a sold oak base with a familiar pattern: the bone-pattern tread of Birkenstock shoe soles. Photography courtesy of Birkenstock.

The beds come with a mattress and include a hi-tech cork-latex layer that bounces back to its original shape once weight is removed. Photography courtesy of Birkenstock.

For the 2017 edition of Das Haus, IMM's annual exploration of the home, American designer Todd Bracher examined new forms of open living. Read our 10 Qs with Todd Bracher. Photography courtesy of IMM.

Bracher stands inside the open kitchen and living area of Das Haus 2017. Photography courtesy of IMM.

A semi-sheer polyester curtain fabric in a burgundy hue—Sinfonia from Création Baumann—clad the exterior, where a rock garden came with an outdoor shower. Photography courtesy of IMM.

Kitchen items hung from a backlit cutout in a plywood wall. Photography courtesy of IMM.

The Japanese paper Moon lamp by Davide Groppi dominated a relaxation room. Photography courtesy of IMM.