Interior Design Celebrates 2016 Best of Year Award Winners

The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Erik Bardin.

The event took place at the IAC Building in New York. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Cindy Allen, editor in chief of Interior Design, and Carol Cisco, publisher of Interior Design. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Joe Rodriguez of Ofita and Dag Folger of A+I. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Alicia Haley of Luna Textiles and Michael Vanderbyl of Vanderbyl Design. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Wanda Dunaway of Shaw Contract. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Andrea Rubelli of Donghia, Lori Weitzner of Weitzner, and Jeff Frank of Brentano Fabrics. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Kerith Creo of Kerith Creo and Tom Healy of Spark Modern Fires. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Andrew Haarsager of Tellart and Greg O'Malley of Steven Holl Architects. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Lee Mindel of Shelton, Mindel & Associates. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Carrie Sullivan of Blu Bathworks, Dennis Mezzapesa of TCB Sales Inc., and Diana Amato of Dornbracht. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Brad Blythe of Spector Group, John Wall of Wall Goldfinger, and Megan Meade of Mancini Duffy. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Peter DiMario of Cappellini and Susan Lobel of Bella-Dura. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Cindy Allen and Andrew Dent of Material ConneXion. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Daniele Semeraro of Sempli, Joan Miró of Marset, and Jimi Roos of Jimi Roos. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Janet Wiesen of DatesWeiser and Derek Kucksdorf of Arper. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Faye Smith and Abby Dayton of Mannington with Craig Malcolm of Interior Design. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Francois Chambard of UM Project and George Alan of The New Stand. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Bill Bouchey of HOK, Verda Alexander of Studio O+A, and Daniel Korb of Xchange Design. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Camilo Quintero of AKDO, Stephanie Liu of Stonehill & Taylor Architects, and Angelo Azurin and Jane Twombly of AKDO. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Jim Breagy of Allsteel and Jamie May of Landscape Forms. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Sarah Adams of Perkins+Will, Chrissy Thompson of The Ruder Group, and Alyssa Carata and Andrew Hausmann of Perkins+Will. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Simone Espinet of Henricksen, Fred Zebro of Mohawk Industries, Wesley Vice of Allsteel, and Dominick Sanginito of Henricksen. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Josh Rider and Tomas Quijada of Studios Architecture. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Brian Bates of Geiger Furniture and Susan Pavlovsky of TPG Architecture. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Samantha Peppard and Unha Kim of Rich Brilliant Willing, Terrence Schroeder and Virigina Gray of Deborah Berke Partners, and Michael Vaillette of Rich Brilliant Willing. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Carlos Galtier of Interiors from Spain and Monica Laso of Expormim. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Giorgia Righi, Katie Dos Santos, and Carl Conway of FLOS. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Andrea Mason and Steven Harris of Steven Harris Architects with Joan Michaels of 2Michaels Design. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Patrizio Chiarparini of Duplex Design and John Jenkin of Italian Creation Group. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Jose Luis Calleja of Cosentino and Ana Granados of of Cosentino. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Enrique Godoy Ynzenga of Arturo Alvarez and Michael Ben Pinpin of Custom Collaborative. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Hagy Belzberg of Belzberg Architects, Art Gray of Art Gray Photography, Susan Chang of Shimoda Design, Clive Wilkinson of Clive Wilkinson Architects, and Joey Shimoda of Shimoda Design. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Erla Dogg Ingjaldsdottir and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson of Minarc, Carl Gustav Magnusson of CGM Design, and Patrick Tighe of Patrick Tighe Architecture. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Mikel Orbe of Interiors from Spain and Rysia Suchecka of NBBJ. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Michael Day of Wilkhahn, Brenda Reingold of Tarkett, Adam Carmichael of Saks Fifth Avenue, Kevin Shultis of B+N Industries, Joe Rodriguez of Ofita, and Lena Lim of B+N Industries.

Jessica Pearson, Peta Yeap, Olivia Blechschmidt, and Josh Weinstein of Karim Rashid. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Humberto Rosero, Stacie Meador, Kristen Zeff with Mark Zeff of Mark Zeff Design. Photography by Erik Bardin. 

Allen E. Gant, III and Greg Voorhis of Sunbrella, Greg Kammerer of Interior Design, and Stephanie Cizinsky and Allen Hawks of Sunbrella. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Todd Heiser of Gensler, Julie Frank of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Matthew Goodrich of AvroKO, and Annie Block of Interior Design. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Anastasia Su and Martin Lesjak of Innocad Architecture/13&9 Design. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.