Laurence Sarrazin Takes Her Multidisciplinary Approach to Portland

A former restaurant supply shop, now the studio of Los Osos. Photography by Christine Taylor.

The Kitchenette at Coroflot, Sarrazin's husband's company housed in a trailer. Photography by Josh Partee.

Its office area. Photography by Josh Partee.

The trailer's home, a painted brick garage with perforated vinyl covering the windows. Photography by Josh Partee.

Douglas firm beams and polycarbonate sheets. Photography by Josh Partee.

The modular system developed for Coroflot. Photography by Jim Golden.

The Douglas fir display system for Sarrazin's husband's retail business, Hand-Eye Supply. Photography by Josh Partee.

A particleboard installation descending from a skylight. Photography by Christine Taylor.

The facade of painted steel. Photography by Christine Taylor.

Stained particleboard flooring flowing through the 1,500 square feet. Photography by Christine Taylor.