Lee Broom's South London Flat Exemplifies His Design Vision

Broom claims to be a “terrible cook,” so the kitchen is sparse and clinical. Beside the 1950’s industrial German railway clock is an arched window, formerly the fire station’s front doors; the designer’s marble and lead-crystal Chamber lights hang over the island. Photography by Luke Hayes.

The London-based designer. Photography by Jermaine Francis.

Broom’s own Parquetry coffee table, studded Salon sofa, and Globe light in the main entertaining space of his London home. Photography by Luke Hayes.

The guest bathroom, with prison-issue stainless-steel toilet, is completely mirrored. “People either love it or hate it,” says Broom. Photography by Luke Hayes.

Carrara marble was a key material of Broom’s 2014 collection, which included the Fulcrum candlesticks. Photography by Arthur Woodcroft.

His 2010 Parquetry coffee table in wenge, oak, and walnut. Photography by Arthur Woodcroft.

The designer’s polished-brass Fulcrum lights were launched last year. Photography by Arthur Woodcroft.

Graphic touches in the guest bedroom include Studiopepe’s Kora vase and Broom’s own marble block side table. Photography by Luke Hayes.

The cinema seats seven on vintage art deco seating. Photography by Luke Hayes.

Broom’s 2015 Altar chair and print artwork flank the entrance to the living room. Photography by Luke Hayes.

All rooms connect to the central atrium, a half-flight below the ground-floor living room (the bedrooms and the cinema are in the basement level). The leather jacket on the wall belonged to Keith Haring and features his artwork. The Hanging Hoop chair in brushed brass-plated steel was designed for the space. Photography by Luke Hayes.