Morris Adjmi's Office Doubles as a Rotating Art Gallery

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In the reception area, Matthias van Arkel’s two works in silicone, Gobelin, F.A.S., and Medium Cubes. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

Aldo Rossi drawings and models in reception. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

Stripe Nonuplet, another silicone work by Van Arkel, hanging in a studio. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

The oak-paneled receptionist’s station framing a Rossi drawing. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

Nicole Patel’s Black Graph. Photography by Jenny Gorman.


Van Arkel’s silicone Sarkofag in the elevator lobby. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

A detail of the Patel, in thread on muslin. Photography by Sweetu Patel.

A model of Rossi’s Hotel il Palazzo in Fukuoka, Japan. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

In the kitchen, Van Arkel’s spray-painted Spray. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

His silicone sculpture Flake Painting hanging in a studio. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

Van Arkel’s silicone Loop in the conference room. Photography by Alexander Severin. 

Permanently displayed, photographs and renderings of windows from Morris Adjmi Architects buildings. Photography by Rui Silva.