Squat London Transforms Victorian-Era Home into Luxury Apartment and Exhibit

A curved sofa and armchair, 1950s designs by Federico Munari, are framed by a Martino Gamper screen, 2015, and a Massimiliano Locatelli table, 2013. Photography by Mel Yates. 

The apartment's studio jumps decades, with 1960s lamps from Marcel Breuer and Has Agne Jakobsson, 1950s armchairs by Folke Jansson, a 1989 work by George Condo, and a Martino Gamper carpet from 2009. Photography by Mel Yates. 

In Squat London's master bedroom, Viggo Boesen easy chairs, 1930, Stilnovo ceiling lamps, 1960s, a David/Nicolas bench, 2014, bedside tables by Osanna Visconti di Modrone, 2015, Caturegli and Formica carpet, 2013, and a Lindsey Adelman ceiling lamp, 2015. Photography by Mel Yates. 

In a bedroom, a Positano vanity table, 1959, and a chair by Ico Parisi, 1955. Photography by Mel Yates. 

The apartment's entrance features a Roberto Giulio Rida chest of drawers, 2014, and Augusto Bozzi armchairs, 1956, are lit by Hans Agne Jakobsson ceiling lamps from the 1970s. Photography by Mel Yates. 

Left to right: Nina Yashar of Nilufar Gallery with Shalini Misra's Meheves Ariburnu and Shalini Misra. Photography by Mel Yates.