Paul Raff Studio Architects Creates a Phenomenal Sensory Experience for a Home in Toronto

Paul Raff Studio Architects used acrylic sheets to surface the balustrade of the staircase at a Toronto house. Photography by Scott Norsworthy.

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In the den, a Pearson Lloyd chair, a Lievore Altherr Molina sofa, and Rodolfo Dordoni tables meet an oil on canvas diptych by Ognian Zekoff. Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

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Praxy Cladding Corp.: Paneling

Zinc panels clad the exterior. Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame. 

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The living area features a table by Designfenzider and a wax image on canvas by Zane Turner. Photography by Scott Norsworthy. 

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Secto Design: Pendant Fixtures

MDF Italia: Table, Chairs

Seppo Koho pendant fixtures hang above the Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners dining table and Studio Massaud chairs. Photog­raphy by Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

A clerestory peeks above the roofs of the 1920’s neighborhood. Photography by Scott Norsworthy.

The short topmost flight of stairs, connecting to the master suite and guest room. Photography by Scott Norsworthy. 

Reflections of the staircase from the basement. Photography by Scott Norsworthy. 

A powder-coated steel handrail. Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

Opposite bottom: Flooring alternates between stained oak and limestone. Photography by Scott Norsworthy.

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Niels Bendtsen designed the master bedroom’s bed and nightstand. Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

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Aquabrass: Tub

Riobel: Shower Fittings

Through Deco-Tile: Floor Tile

Crate and Barrel: Tray

In the master bathroom, a stool from Thailand sits next to a resin tub. Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

Cor-Ten steel demarcates sections of the backyard. Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame.