Vacant Modernist Homes in Los Angeles Get a Second Chance as Museums and Exhibition Spaces

Case Study House 21, completed in 1959 by Pierre Koenig and occupied by Seomi International, a gallery that recently showed a wall sculpture in ceramic and cotton by Joana Vasconcelos alongside a cocktail table by Kang Myung Sun. Photography courtesy of Seomi International.

Kang’s dining table and stools in the renovated kitchen. Photography courtesy of Seomi International.

The garden with furniture by Lee Hun Chung. Photography courtesy of Seomi International.

Rudolph Schindler’s own home, 1922, which now houses the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. Photography by Joshua White/Mak Center for Art and Architecture.

Its Renée Green exhibition, “Begin Again, Begin Again.” Photography by Joshua White/Mak Center for Art and Architecture.

The cantilevered concrete roof and pool terrace of a 1963 house by John Lautner, part of a private property promised to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Photography by Jeff Green.

Built-ins anchoring the living area. Photography by Tom Ferguson.

Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1965, with the Competing Utopias installation of East German furniture. Photography by David Hartwell.