Peter Marino Burnishes the Bulgari Legend in London

In a VIP room at London’s Bulgari store by Peter Marino Architect, a custom sofa in silk velvet sits near a marble-topped table with a base in sterling silver. Photography by Massimo Listri.

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Luce5: Linear Fixtures

Agape: Custom Table

For the room devoted to ladies’ watches, a table by Angelo Mangiarotti was custom-made in a rare type of Carrara marble, the same used for columns at the doorway. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Bronze frames the entry, where an inset star, a motif from classical Roman architecture, appears in porphyry. Photography by Massimo Listri.

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In men’s watches, a Mario Bellini table takes center stage. Photography by Massimo Listri.

A customized version of Renato Toso, Noti Massari & Associati’s chandelier illuminates the jewelry salon’s mosaic floor. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Custom-dyed Indian silk lines a vitrine on the stair landing. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Flanking the stairs, bronze grilles reference the floor pattern at the Pantheon in Rome. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Silk was hand-beaded for a curtain. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Embossed suede upholsters a wall in men’s watches. Photography by Massimo Listri.

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A bronze pin secures a column to the ceiling. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra costume inspired the sequined  appliqué on an Osvaldo Borsani chair in the events space. Photography by Massimo Listri.

A cast-iron facade fronts the boutique’s landmarked building, which dates to the mid-19th century. Photography by Massimo Listri.

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Italian walnut parquet flows through the entire upstairs, including the events space. Photography by Massimo Listri.

Portraits of Monica Vitti, Gina Lollabrigida, and Elizabeth Taylor were printed on double layers of silk for a VIP salon also featuring a table by Roberto Giulio Rida. Photography by Massimo Listri.

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Mangiarotti’s shelving unit displays accessories. Photography by Massimo Listri.