John Cetra and Nancy Ruddy: 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

A stairwell at Lincoln Square Synagogue, 2013. Photography courtesy of David Sundberg/Esto.

New York’s 1 Madison apartment tower, 2014. Photography courtesy of David Sundberg/Esto.

The model apart­ment for the Walker Tower, the 2014 residential conversion of a 1929 building by noted architect Ralph Walker. Photography by Thomas Loof.

Metal exterior detailing at the Walker Tower. Photography by Michael Toolan. 

The rooftop addition. Photography courtesy of David Sundberg/Esto. 

A model apartment for an East 13th Street building, 2015. Photography by Peter Margo­­nelli.

A Brooklyn housing development, 2013. Photog­raphy courtesy David Sundberg/Esto. 

The courtyard of an 1884 book-binding facility on Greenwich Street being converted into apartments, also 2016. Photography courtesy of CetraRuddy.

Its lobby. Photography courtesy of CetraRuddy.

The lobby of a Jersey City apartment building, 2010. Photography by Alan Schindler.

A Sixth Avenue apartment building conversion, 2007. Photography by Alan Schindler.

A computer rendering of the Choice School in Thiruvalla, India. Image courtesy of CetraRuddy. 

Lincoln Square Synagogue’s sanctuary. Photography by David Sundberg/Esto. 

A computer rendering for a West 52nd Street building, set for completion in 2016. Image courtesy of CetraRuddy.