Interior Design's Best of Year Awards Turn 10

Salvatore Pepe of Mosaico Digitale, Dana Grizwin of Massive Design, Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen, Mac Stopa of Massive Design, and guest. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Grace Escano-Maniatis and Gray Davis, both of Meyer Davis Studio. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Dennis Miller of Dennis Miller Associates, Laura Bohn of Laura Bohn Design Associates, Clodagh of Clodagh Design, and of Daniel Aubry of Clodagh Design. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen welcomes the crowd to the 10th anniversary of Best of Year. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
A group of designers from Canada celebrate their Best of Year wins and merit awards. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Rebecca Dorris Steiger of ZGF Architects, Sarah Morgan of Designtex, Nour Jallad of Gensler, and Amanda Posh of Gensler. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Alex Simpson and Stephanie Kruschen, both of Studio Munge. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Robert Haidinger, Lore Mopera, and Robert Ferrari of AXO Light. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Ashley Smith and Allyn Ya, both of Maharam. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Lu Hopkins, Philip Bershad, and Reka Varga Vienne, all of Phillip Jeffries. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Joan Blumenfeld of Perkins+Will, Suzanne Tick of Suzanne Tick, Deborah Newmark of Skyline Design, and design consultant Annette Schaich. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen and Adam Sandow, CEO of SANDOW. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Yulia Novskaya and Sarah Ferbank, both of Atelier. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Joyce Romanoff and Adrian Moens, both of Maya Romanoff. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Stan Grey and Ann Issackedes, both of OFS Brands. Photography by Erik Bardin/
The 10th anniversary edition of the Best of Year award, designed by Harry Allen. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Jamie May of Landscape Forms, Jim Barbagy, and Sandra Ortiz of Allsteel. Photography by Erik Bardin/
William Trakas and Brad Satterwhite, both of KEM Studio. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Sarah Somberg and Brad Somberg, both of B+N Industries. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Jamie Williams and Molly Broxton, both of Blu Dot. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Joyce Salazar of Gensler, Thomas Altamirano of Studio Alta, Suzette Rhodes of Herman Miller, and Joshua Michelman of Clarus Glassboards. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Jason Gillette of Materials and Technology, representing Rieke Office Interiors, which won Innovative New Material For Wallcovering for its Torrent material. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Juan Carlos Menendez and Peter Marino, both of Peter Marino Architect. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Margaret Burden of Tandus Centivo with Daniela Guarin, Jeanette Murray, Suzanne Tick and Corey Tucker, all of Suzanne Tick. Photography by Erik Bardin/
Vicki deVuono of Interface. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Interior Design Hall of Fame member Primo Orphilla of Studio O+A with Wendy Murray of Kimball Office. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
The event was held at the IAC Building in New York, designed by Frank Gehry. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Lee Mindel of Shelton, Mindel & Associates. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Rand Elliott of Elliott + Associates Architects. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.
Joey Shimoda of Shimoda Design Group, Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen, and Susan Chang of Shimoda Design Group. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.