El Palacio de Hierro Taps Gensler for 13th Location

Gensler created custom merchandising displays and other fixtures for departments and throughout the store. Photography by Charlie Mayer.

Gensler designed the 13th location of El Palacio de Hierro—in Santiago de Querétaro’s Antea Lifestyle Center. Natural light floods the three-story department store via a skylight. Photography by Charlie Mayer.

An aqueous mosaic-tile wall distinguishes the swimwear section. Photography by Charlie Mayer.

The top-floor tech department is accessed via a backlit portal of powder-coated, lasercut metal. Photography by Charlie Mayer.

The atrium is capped with a faceted skylight. Photography by Charlie Mayer.

Walls and columns clad in concave ceramic tiles mimic the wares in the handbag department. Photography by Charlie Mayer.

Near the atrium escalators, a two-story digital screen cycles through promotional campaigns and branded imagery. Photography by Hector Armando Herrera.