Gensler San Jose’s Fitness Center for Symantec

The Mountain View, California, campus of software company Symantec boasts a suitably high-tech fitness center, dubbed SYMfit. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

A vinyl pictograph indicates the spin room. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

Numbers are stenciled on the main corridor’s polished concrete floor. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

Near reception, vinyl wall covering is printed with an aerial map of the area, with biking routes highlighted. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

A painted steel canopy marks the entrance. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

At the end of the central corridor, the painted gypsum-baord panel conceals a structural column. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

The spin room features rubber flooring and a topographical map of a nearby park. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

Outside the locker rooms, LED strips are recessed into the oakfaced canopy. Photography by Emily Hagopian.

In the bamboo-floored group exercise studio, custom wall baffles are fabricated of upholstered foam. Photography by Emily Hagopian.