Fresh Furniture From 8 New York City Designers

Product: Pintor. Designer: David Khouri. Firm: Khouri Guzman Bunch Lininger. Standout: Just like a cherished ring, the table's frame of solid American black walnut provides a setting for the top of jewel-toned tinted glass.

Product: Vanishing Twin. Designers: Christian Lopez Swafford and Lauren Larson. Firm: Material Lust. Standout: Fascination with pagan and alchemical symbolism spawns sharp painted plywood seating informed by ancient geometry.

Product: ZZ. Designer: Pat Kim. Firm: Pat Kim Design. Standout: Classical architecture inspired the cabinet's generous doors, which help accentuate their distinctive grain of American sycamore.

Product: Breakfast in Bed. Designers: Michael Woodcock and Lara Apponyi. Firm: Work + Sea. Standout: The eggs are awlays sunny-side up—and the chests forever bared—in this playful wallpaper pattern.

Product: Wardrobe. Designers: Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith. Firm: Workstead. Standout: Storage comes out of the closet in carved beech, with shelve, drawers, and a hanging rod configurable in a multitude of ways.

Product: Pattern. Designer: Anna Karlin. Firm: Anna Karlin. Standout: Hand-turned poplar stools are based on chess pieces, but hardly seem formal when plastered in flamboyant vinyl decals.

Product: Ketta. Designer: James Dieter. Firm: James Dieter. Standout: The kitelike pendant fixtures of Trevira CS polyester framed in anodized aluminum or brass can be customized.

Product: Fiona. Designer: Aelfie Oudghiri. Firm: Aelfie. Standout: Designed in Brooklyn but handwoven in India, the wool and cotton rug sports a symmetrical collage of intermingled geometric elements.