10 Standouts at the London Design Festival

Curiosity Cloud by mishler-traxler’s for Perrier-Jouët at the V&A Museum. Photography by Ed Reeve.

Close up of the Curiosity Cloud by mishler-traxler’s for Perrier-Jouët. Photography by Ed Reeve.

The 3,000 porcelain shops that formed the Tower of Babel by artist Barnaby Barford in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the V&A Museum. Image courtesy of the V&A Museum.

Kim Thome and Swarovski’s 18-metre tall Zotem with 600 color-changing crystals at the entrance to the V&A Museum. Photography by Mark Cocksedge.

The Cloakroom by Faye Toogoode 150 Kvadrat foam coats containing maps to see the 10 imbedded installations in the V&A’s galleries. Photography by Ed Reeve.

Faye Toogoode’s “The Stone Mason” coat intricately carved in marble commissioned from Lapicida in the V&A Museum. Photography by Ed Reeve.

The Window at In Da House by Camille Walala in her signature Tribal POP style at Aria. Image courtesy of Aria.

Somerset House’s 10 Designers in the Westwing, which included Faye Toogood's Drawing Room. Image courtesy of Somerset House.

The impactful Patternity's 3D installation of monochrome graphics in conjunction with paperless post for Somerset House's 10 Designers in the Westwing. Image courtesy of Somerset House.

The Wave by Santa Barbara designer Alex Rasmussen for Neal Feay. Image courtesy of Somerset House.

Mallett was the home for the Bodo Sperlein collaboration with Tane the Mexican silver brand. The minimal Hadron lights merge silver with glowing LED-lit loops of resin. Image courtesy of Mallet.

The Factory at The Future Laboratory showed the craftsmanship required in fine woodwork and bone china featuring Benchmark and 1882. Image courtesy of Benchmark.