Smart Casual: Intelligent Contrasts in Kuwait City's Mélange Boutique

Mélange, a women’s clothing and accessories boutique in Kuwait City, was a collaboration between Massive Order and United Engineering Consultants. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

An installation in laser-cut, powder-coated sheet steel descends from the ceiling near the fitting rooms. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

Accessories are displayed on shelving in mirror and Greek marble. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

Flooring is the same marble. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

Coat hangers hook into holes in lower sections of the ceiling installation. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

LED recessed ceiling fixtures both provide ambient lighting and spotlight the merchandise below. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

A window follows the curve of the mall’s corridor. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

Hang bars are spray-painted steel. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

Support for the ceiling installation comes from a steel grid bolted to the concrete slab. Photography by Nelson Garrido.