Car Culture: Intersect by Lexus-Tokyo by Wonderwall

At Intersect by Lexus–Tokyo, Wonderwall displayed photos from the car-maker’s promotional magazine against a travertine surface. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

In the café, the bar and custom tables combine walnut and Chinese marble. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

Fereshteh Tabe and Amir Shouri Architecture Lab designed the building. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

Aluminum panels line the walls of the gallery where exhibitions, such as this one curated by the Norwegian mid-century furnishings purveyor Fuglen, alternate with displays of concept cars. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

A boutique sells clothing and accessories made specially for Lexus. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

Engine parts were bolted to steel plates mounted in the stairwell, then sprayed with the paint used on Lexus sports cars. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

The restaurant’s bamboo-laminated steel window screens incorporate the interlocking hourglass shapes of the Lexus grille. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

Lindsey Adelman Studio’s custom chandelier illuminates Antonio Citterio’s chairs. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

In the events space, ebony strips arc above marble mosaic floor tile. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

The corridor outside is clad with samples of the special-order wood options for Lexus interiors. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

Toy cars line a restroom’s feature wall and ceiling. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

LED fixtures light the exterior. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.