No Dead Zones: Studio O+A's Giant Office for Cisco

In the communal work area at Cisco’s San Francisco office by Studio O+A, steel framing and industrial wool felt panels create four seating bays. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Nylon carpet tile runs between a?sunken lounge, with its Rich Brilliant Willing custom pendant fixtures, and the main staircase. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Anderssen & Voll designed the sofas in the reception area. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Pendant fixtures by George Nelson cluster in the café. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Air plants hang above chairs by Charles and Ray Eames in the atrium that serves as the customer briefing center. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Stained cork surfaces the steps of the blackened-steel staircase. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

A strip of dried moss runs above telephone rooms. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Custom doors in reclaimed teak can slide to close off a conference room next to the atrium. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Pairs of sofas by Gus Design Group, swaths of chalkboard paint, and drywall canopies turn parts of a corridor into sitting areas. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

The canopy in the library is Douglas fir plywood. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Reclaimed teak defines the room’s perimeter. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

In a break-out area, a custom enclosure’s frame in Douglas fir supports panels in industrial wool felt or smoked acrylic. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Another break-out area’s Jean Prouvé–style chairs line butcher-block tables. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Laminated glass fronts a meeting room. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Glazed ceramic tile lines the wall behind the café counter. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Custom benches on the terrace are plaster-coated drywall over steel studs. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.