What’s Your Perspective: LTL Architects’s Installation at Sloan-Kettering

Laser-cut stainless-steel sheets, 3,168 intended for an installation at the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research Center, part of the?Upper East Side’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, await bead-blasting at a metalwork shop in Philadelphia.

To minimize the deformation of?surfaces, a custom jig absorbed heat from the welds, a total of 1²/³ linear miles.

The installation required 528 modules.

Their interiors were powder-coated with a reflective finish.

Test-assembly took place at Philadelphia’s Crane Arts Icebox Project Space.

At Sloan-Kettering, the 3½-foot depth of the modules allowed the partition to be built around structural columns.

Front and back views of the partition show how a grid’s 230 small laser-cut circles and ellipses intersect to generate fewer, larger ones.

Sight lines through the partition were calibrated in Rhinoceros 3D software.