Over the River and Through the Woods: ZGF's Randall Children's Hospital

Above the check-in desk, color-changing LEDs shine through animal shapes cut out of a Corian frieze; photography: NickMerrick/HedrichBlessing.

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects used pine logs to build tree forms that rise from the terrazzo floor to the basswood ceiling system in a gallery at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. Photography: NickMerrick/Hedrich Blessing.

For the gallery, artist Larry Kirkland made Corian vitrines containing representations of letters of the alphabet; photography: CraigCollins.

Birch lanterns hang in the lobby. Photography: NickMerrick/HedrichBlessing.

Glass wraps the three stacked double-height lounges for family members, while most of the facade is paneled in terra-cotta. Photography: Eckert & Eckert.

Pearson Lloyd swivel chairs surround a Williams Sorel table in a family lounge. Photography: Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing.

Toshiyuki Kita designed the sofa and ottoman in an elevator lobby. Photography: NickMerrick/HedrichBlessing.

Each patient room contains a custom sofa-bed. Photography: Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing.

Deer and foxes appear etched into the glass fronting a nursing-unit entrydesk. Photography: Eckert & Eckert.

Nylon carpet flows through the day-surgery waiting area. 

Set into the ceiling of this CAT-scan room are faux skylights with acrylic panels.

A playroom for day surgery offers a built-in Corian pod for a banquette. Photography: Eckert & Eckert.

Tinted-resin wall panels enliven a patient corridor in day surgery. Photography: Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing.

Paola Navone’s chairs and table share a terrace with laminated-glass sculptures by Nanda D’Agostino. Photography: Eckert & Eckert.

Painted aluminum frames the doors between the terrace and the winter garden; photography: NickMerrick/HedrichBlessing.

In a corridor, a black bear appears on zebrawood veneer sandwiched between acrylic resin; photography: Eckert & Eckert.

The clinical areas are divided into“ neighborhoods,” which have their own central stations for nurses and doctors. Photography: NickMerrick/HedrichBlessing.

Artificial turf animates the garden outside the lobby. Photography: Eckert & Eckert.

Wool lines seating niches in the winter garden. Photography: NickMerrick/Hedrich Blessing.