Irresistible Images: A Roundup of Interior Design's Favorites from March

Apartments in Yoo Berlin are available in six different residential concepts and range from 670 square feet to 3,600 square feet. From "Memo from Berlin."

No. 14. Firm: ADN Garden Design; RA Architectural & Design Studio; Subvert. Site: Lisbon, Portugal. Idea: One 2,700-square-foot house distinguishes itself—and its Lisbon neighborhood—with 1,100 square feet of vertical garden, providing a drab culdesac with a new kind of park. A private residence is also a public amenity. Photo by FG + SG Architectural photography/photofoyer.

Firm: UID Architects. Site: Fukuyama, Japan. Idea: A house set in a suburban development in Fukuyama is constructed so the back of the two-level, 1,350-square-foot structure extends into unspoiled woods. Photo: Sergio Perrone. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: Architecture and Vision. Idea: Invented to alleviate dependence on wells in parched regions of northern Ethiopia, the WarkaWater tower has nylon mesh suspended inside its 29½-foot-high bamboo frame that extracts potable water from fog. Photo: Gabriel Erigon. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: Harrison Atelier. Site: Brooklyn, NY. Idea: Inspired by Timothy Pachirat’s book, Every Twelve Seconds, the performance “Veal” combined music, dance, video, sculpture, and sets to cattle-prod vegetative minds into reassessing their relationship to the meat industry. Photo: Ben Louis Nicholas. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: David Stark. Site: Washington DC. Idea: Art in Embassies, a U.S. department of state program, promotes cross-cultural dialogue through the visual arts. For AIE’s 50th anniversary, the event designer transformed a 26,000-square-foot courtyard at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington into fe?te central. Photo: Heidi Ehalt. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: MaRS. Site: Houston, TX. Idea: Houston natives Kelie Mayfield and Erick Magni of MaRs created an intimate space within a cavernous convention hall for the VIP lounge at the 2012 Texas Contemporary Art Fair—and they’ve been hired again for 2013. Photo: Eric Laignel. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: Steve E. Blatz, Architect; Antonio Pio Saracino. Site: Rome, Italy. Idea: A space shared by a pediatric-dental practice and children’s speech therapist is united by a system of ribbons. In the waiting area, thin layers of dry wall, which were moistened on-site, are molded over a wavy substructure to form inviting benches, shelving, stairs, and even the ceiling. From "!00 Big Ideas."

Firm: Paul C. Dominguez Architect. Site: New York, NY. Idea: The Out NYC markets itself as Manhattan’s first openly gay hotel. Rather than pander to stereotypes, however, the architects aimed at making the 105-room urban resort “straight-friendly”— restaurant, trendy dance club, spa, and all. Photo: Magna Biernat. From "100 Big Ideas."

Firm: Ann Hamilton. Site: New York, NY. Idea: As swings dangled from the wrought-iron trusses of the Park Avenue Armory, its drill hall morphed into a playground called "The Event of a Thread." Photo: James Ewing. From "100 Big Ideas".

No. 5. Firm: Richard Meier & Partners Architects. Site: Bergamo, Italy. Idea: The iLab headquarters for Italcementi, one of the top concrete manufacturers in the world, is rock­solid but startlingly airy, too. The 250,000­-square­-foot building is constructed with a high­ strength, low­ maintenance reinforced concrete that Italcementi developed specifically for it. Photo: Scott Frances/Otto. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: New Architects; Newtone Architects. Site: Rome, Italy. Idea: The online bank ING Direct Italia needed a banking outpost and a concept store in one. The brand’s avatar, a pumpkin, lent its shape and shade of orange for a 13-foot-long, 8-foot-high lacquered pod that sits in the middle of the 4,800-square-foot branch. Photo by Leonardo Aloi/Courtesy Of ING Direct Italia. From 100 Big Ideas.

Irving Harper's figure in construction paper, painted mat-board, and? twine. Photo: D. James Dee. From "Paper Became a Passion for Designer Irving Harper."

Irving Hareper's floor sculptures stand in the sunroom of his home. Photo: Leslie Williamson. From "Paper Became a Passion for Designer Irving Harper."

Filip Dujardin assembled D'Ville 001 out of 19th-century houses in Deauville, a resort town on France's northeastern coast. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and the Highlight Gallery. From "Photographic Constructions by Filip Dujardin".

D'Ville 005 transports an inland apartment house onto the beach. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and the Highlight Gallery. From "Photographic Constructions by Filip Dujardin."

Firm: Iroje KHM Architects. SIte: Seoul, South Korea. Idea: A clients’ respect for classic Korean architecture conflicted with a strong desire for both high security and the latest in design and technology. To reconcile these opposites, a 3,600-square-foot home encircles a 2,200-square-foot courtyard to maximize light penetration and air circulation. Photo: Sergio Pirrone. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: ADN Garden Design; RA Architectural & Design Studio; Site: Lisbon, Portugal. Idea: On the roof of a house, a 30-foot lap pool hugs a glassed-in cabana topped with solar panels that power the water heater. Photo: FG + SG Architectural. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: El Equipo Creativo. Site: Barcelona, Spain. Idea: The 2,700-square-foot interior of Ikibana restaurant references Japanese flower-arranging, using all parts of a plant to emphasize line and form: petal-shape tables, decorative foliage and a canopy of sinuous hardwood “branches.” Photo: Adrià Goula. From "100 Big Ideas".

Guimarães 008's shanties, digitally collaged from shots of assorted walls, stack up beneath a toll bridge in the northern Portuguese city. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and the Highlight Gallery. From "Photographic Constructions by Filip Dujardin".

Single-bottle, stainless-steel shelves attach with hinges to the storage-display modules. They, in turn, are joined with anodized steel connectors. Photo: Zooey Braun. From "Furch Gestaltung Reinvents the Wine Rack."

Jumbo-sized reprints of book pages, beautiful script translated into carpet, and a hopscotch-style alphabet are whimsical touches by Johnson Favaro at the freshly renovated Beverly Hills Library. Photo: Zale Rchard Rubins. From "Beverly Hills Library by Johnson Favaro."

Firm: Benny Jepsen and Kristoffer Tejlgaard. Site: Bornholm, Denmark. Idea: A lattice of local Douglas fir formed what appeared to be an exploded geodesic dome, a temporary pavilion called People's Meeting Dome and built for Denmark’s department of public housing. Photo: Courtesy of the artists. From "100 Big Ideas".

Firm: Servo. Site: Los Angeles, CA. Idea: Comprising glass pendant fixtures, porous ceramic tiles, and “algae” made of cablewire, "Aqueotrope" at SCI-Arc’s gallery addressed roof-scapes as sites for the development of architectural systems that integrate organic matter. Photo by Joshua White. From "100 Big Ideas."