2011 Best of Year Awards

Hagy Belzberg of Belzberg Architects with his son, Zack

Kate Korten of Kate Korten Designs, Jayne Michaels of 2Michael Design, and Mary Carey

Yuni Rosita, Elise Lee, Heaohn Lee, and Maral Sarisozen of Studio Gaia with Cindy Allen of Interior Design

Jamie Beckwith and Kari Vaughn of Jamie Beckwith Collection

A display of products nominated for 2011 BOY Awards.

Mark Strauss with Gregory A. Pitts of David Edward

Stacy Garcia with Elizabeth Cunningham of Kohler Interior. Photo by Roger Kisby

Susan Sullivan, Mark Pollack, and Rachel Doriss of Pollack

Kimberle Frost of Designtex with Karen Keating of Kravet Contract. Photo by Roger Kisby

Ashley Werner and Cole Heichelbech of Community, a Jasper Group Brand

Janet Wiesen of Datesweiser with Matt Gorski of Joel Berman Glass Studios.Photo by Roger Kisby

The team from Nurture by Steelcase

Alvaro and Nadia Hernandez Felix of Row Studio, Iliana Venguer and Paola Esrawe of Esrawe Studio

Mike Strohl of Strohl and Company with Dennis Miller of Dennis Miller Associates. Photo by Roger Kisby

Jeffery Bershad of Phillip Jeffries Ltd. and Cindy Allen of Interior Design

Carolyne Shively of Designlush. Photo by Roger Kisby

Lauren Colson with Chris Hardy of Chris Hardy Design and Dena Richardson of Fontana Arte. Photo by Roger Kisby

Robyn Baron of Tech Neon and John Newland of Herman Miller. Photo by Roger Kisby

Reva Revis, Mike Chields, Stan Gray, Anna Stinsan of Carolina's Commons

Jennifer and Paul Burghardt of Inax

Aleksey Lukyanov and Wes Rozen of Situ Studio with Rebecca Thienes of Thienes Cherny Design

Pierre and Marie Gentine from Saguez & Partners

Rachel Parks, Echo MacKenzie and Deirdre Fenlon of Edelman Leather

Carey and Greg Schuster of Yellow Goat Design

Alexandra Zwicky of Novita PR and Kiel Wuellner of Axor

Sara Smarr and Ellen Hains of JANUS et Cie with Jon Strassner of Humanscale

Ilene Shaw of Clodagh Design with Michael Reiman of Axor. Photo by Roger Kisby

Jeannette Purdy of Ameico with Manuel Mestre of Santa and Cole. Photo by Roger Kisby

Mannella Tormenti and Jaylyn James of Valli and Valli with Larry Allen of Gessi and Luca Poletto of Valli and Valli. Photo by Roger Kisby

Marcello Lucchetta of Molteni and C. Photo by Roger Kisby

Micheal and Huma Mandapati and Julia Semikina from Warp & Weft

Sant Chatwal of Hampshire Hotels with Frank Fusaro of Handal Architects and Eran Norberg of Hampshire Hotels. Photo by Roger Kisby

Kenneth Nilson and Michael Remaley of Kenneth Nilson

Kathleen McDermott and Eugina Song of Open UU. Photo by Roger Kisby

Patrick Wong, Andrea Romano, Brian Jevremov, and Wendy Lew of Valcucine

Jack Pyburm and Allen Balfour of College of Architecture at Georgia Tech. Photo by Roger Kirsh

Bieinna Ham, Gisue Hariri, Mojgan Hariri and Markus Randler of Hariri & Hariri with Cindy Allen of Interior Design

J.R. Spiegel, Miquel Colet and Rick Johann of Vibia. Photo by Roger Kisby

Amy Rosen, Noelia Vitar, Christine Vandover, Andrea Hsu of InScape. Photo by Roger Kisby

Ross Fein and Karen Kalda of DFB Sales. Photo by Roger Kisby

Kate Bidinger, Raul Carrasco and Vidal A. Chavez of Raul Carrasco. Photo by Roger Kisby

Courtney Robinson, Lauren Valls of M Moser Associates. Photo by Roger Kisby