2020 CODAawards Celebrates the Artistic Results of When Creatives and Clients Unite

Commercial Merit: Art for Earth was Anne Patterson’s immersive installation of laser-cut strips of Zegna fabric commissioned by the company for Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020.

Photography by Bureau Betak.

Commercial Merit: The Webster - Narrative Lighting Wall in Los Angeles is a collaboration between StandardVision, Kahlil Joseph, and David Adjaye

Photography by StandardVision/Sinziana Velicescu.

Commercial Merit: Kinetic artwork Pulse by BREAKFAST is located in Hudson Yards.

Photography by BREAKFAST.

Education Merit: HBS Schwartz Pavilion at Harvard Business School is by James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.

Photography by James Ewing.

Education Merit: Rainfield at Massachusetts College of Art and Design is by Daniel Clayman.

Photography by Will Howcroft.

Education Merit: Voids at the Alameda Public Library in El Paso, Texas, is by Osman Akan.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Healthcare Merit: Forest of Light in Dallas, Texas, is a collaboration between artists Frances Bagley and Tom Orr, Courtney Crothers, and UT Southwestern Medical Center. 

Photography by Debora Hunter.

Healthcare Merit: Halo by Martin Donlin is located in London. 

Photography by Martin Donlin.

Healthcare Merit: Genome at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, is by Dierk Van Keppel and industry partner A. Zahner.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Hospitality Merit: Cascade in Perth, Australia, is by Catherine Woo.

Photography by Robert Frith, Acorn Photos.

Hospitality Merit: Saint Kate — The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is by Stonehill Taylor.

Photography by David Mitchell.

Hospitality Merit: Liquid Light in San Diego, California, is by Roark Studio.

Photography by Roark Studio.

Institutional Merit: Multiverse by Fuse is located at a deconsecrated church in Parma, Italy.

Photography by Emmanuele Coltellacci.

Institutional Merit: Senate of Canada Building in Ottawa, Ontario, is by Diamond Schmitt Architects and KWC Architects.

Photography by Tom Arban Photography.

Institutional Merit: O.T. 923 at Today Art Museum in Beijing is by Stefan Reiss.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Landscape Merit: Emergent, located in Calgary, Canada, is by Jill Anholt Studio.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Landscape Merit: Interweaving Futures at University of West Florida in Pensacola is by Bill Washabaugh

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Landscape Merit: Pillars of Dreams by Marc Fornes/TheVeryMany is a permanent pavilion of ultrathin aluminum for the Valerie C. Woodard Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Photography by Naaro.

Liturgical Merit: Regalia at the Reims Cathedral is by Moment Factory.

Photography by Moment Factory.

Liturgical Merit: Yvelle Gabriel collaborated with Chananya Shachor and Jerusalem Jewish Community Burial Society, Kehillat Yerushalayim on Art for eternity | Monumental spheres of light for the world’s largest underground cemetery in JerusalemGlass Partner: Paul Wissmach Glass, West Virginia/USA. Project Manager: Gilles Florent.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Liturgical Merit: What Matters in Durham, UK is by Shuster + Moseley.

Photography by Matthew Andrews.

Public Spaces Merit: Whiteout in Madison Square Park, New York, is by Erwin Redl.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Public Spaces Merit: Birdie Umwelt in Scottsdale, Arizona, is by Mary Lucking.

Photography by Scottsdale Public Art.

Public Spaces Merit: REFLECTANCE FIELD at University of Oregon is by Narduli Studio.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Residential Merit: 345 Harrison in Boston is by CBT Architects

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Residential Merit: Ivan Kostov created White Wave and Brown Wall in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Residential Merit: Stockyard Spectrum in Nashville, Tennessee, is by Bill FitzGibbons.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Transportation Merit: The Arches of Old Penn Station in New York is by Diana Al-Hadid.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.

Transportation Merit: Roaming Underfoot in New York is by Nancy Blum.

Photography by Cathy Carver.

Transportation Merit: Outlook in New York is by Diane Carr.

Photography courtesy of CODAworx.