2019 CODAawards Highlight the Best Site-Specific Artwork

Commercial Honoree: Element: Grove by Stephen Galloway

Photography by Stephen Galloway.

Commercial Honoree: Github DataCosmos by Eylul Duranagac and Ferdi Alici of Ouchhh Studio.

Photography courtesy of Ouchhh Studio.

Commercial Honoree: RHYS by Kelly O’Brien and Patrick Renner of Flying Carpet Creative.

Photography courtesy of Flying Carpet Creative.

Education Honoree: Canyon Light by Gordon Huether Studio.

Photography courtesy of Gordon Huether Studio.

Education Honoree: Digital Neuron by Chris Nunes and BC Biermann, Heavy Projects; and Dan Acher, Happy City Lab.

Photography courtesy of Heavy Projects and Happy City Lab.

Education Honoree: Open Door by Shan Shan Sheng.

Photography by Scott Pease.

Healthcare Honoree: Endless Miles by Rob Ley Studio.

Photography courtesy of Rob Ley Studio.

Healthcare Honoree: Singularity by Susan Narduli.

Photography by Narduli Studio.

Healthcare Honoree: Surface by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.

Photography by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman.

Hospitality Honoree: Fork by Gordon Huether Studio.

Photography by Infinity Visuals.

Hospitality Honoree: Kimpton Aertson Hotel by Gensler.

Photography by Andrew Bordwin.

Hospitality Honoree: Zhongnan Mansion Club by Kris Lin International Design.

Photography courtesy of Kris Lin International Design.

Institutional Honoree: Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice by Gensler.

Photography by Garrett Rowland.

Institutional Honoree: Hive by Lightswitch and Studio Gang.

Photography courtesy of Lightswitch and Studio Gang.

Institutional Honoree: Marquise by Marc Fornes/TheVeryMany.

Photography by NAARO.

Landscape Honoree: Buoyant by Jill Anholt Studio.

Photography by Salinas Holcolm.

Landscape Honoree: Town Enclosure by CLB Architects, 22 13-foot-high panels of spruce-pine-fir arranged as a temporary community hub in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Photography by Matthew Millman.

Landscape Honoree: Reflect and Resound by Virginia Fleck.

Photography by Philip Rogers Photography.

Liturgical Honoree: Holy Trinity by John Kenneth Clark.

Photography by John Kenneth Clark.

Liturgical Honoree: New Clairvaux Abbey by Elizabeth Devereaux.

Photography by Elizabeth Devereaux.

Liturgical Honoree: St. Nicolai Church Hall by Karl-Martin Hartmann. 

Photography courtesy of Karl-Martin Hartmann.

Public Space Honoree: Brixel Mirror by Mattias Gunneras and Zolty of BREAKFAST.

Photography courtesy of BREAKFAST.

Public Space Honoree: Spatial Chromointerference by Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Photography by Paul Hester.

Public Space Honoree: Glass Ceiling by Gill Gatfield Studio.

Photography courtesy of Gill Gatfield Studio.

Residential Honoree: Corolla by Ines Esnal.

Photography courtesy of Ines Esnal.

 Residential Honoree: I’m Free! by Edwin Cheong.

Photography by Edwin Cheong.

Residential Honoree: Iceberg Architectural Glass Partitions by Nathan Allan Glass Studios.

Photography by Suzanne Rushton Photography.

Transportation Honoree: Amsterdam North-South Subway by QKunst.

Photography by Rokin, Dewar & Gicquel (Gert-Jan van Rooij).

Transportation Honoree: Petalclouds by ART + COM Studios.

Photography courtesy of ART+ COM Studios.

Transportation Honoree: Stationary Figures by William Wegman.

Photography courtesy of MTA.

Transportation Honoree: Theatre of Experience by Moment Factory.

Photography by Moment Factory.