NOA Gives Arches a Modern Twist in Design for Gloriette Guesthouse in Italy

In Soprabolzano, Italy, the rooftop infinity pool at the Gloriette Guesthouse by NOA* Network of Architecture looks out over the Dolomites. Photography by Alex Filz.

Flooring in the bar area is resin. Photography by Alex Filz.

Maple trees and porphyry pavers define the garden. Photography by Alex Filz.

Bronzed glass forms the end wall of the pool’s entry portal. Photography by Alex Filz.

European oak extends from floor to ceiling in a guest room. Photography by Alex Filz.

Padded outdoor fabric upholsters the walls and ceiling of a corner in the spa. Photography by Alex Filz.

Bronzed aluminum panels clad the pool’s 7-foot cantilever. Photography by Alex Filz.

Aluminum rods crisscross overhead. Photography by Alex Filz.

The custom platform is resin. Photography by Alex Filz.

The Chimney suite’s blackened-steel gas fireplace is custom. Photography by Alex Filz.

A mansard roof in powder-coated aluminum tops the 25-room stucco hotel. Photography by Alex Filz.

Cotton upholsters another suite’s niche and daybed. Photography by Alex Filz.

A custom mirrored partition separates bathroom from bed in a guestroom. Photography by Alex Filz.