Bubbles Inspire Pone Architecture’s Hele International Art Center in Wuhan, China

A staircase with stone-composite treads con­nects the two levels of Hele International Art Center, a project in Wuhan, China by Pone Architecture. Photography by Chen Ming.

Forms around the staircase were inspired by the way soap bubbles make contact with a surface, stretching before they burst. Photography by Chen Ming.

A sculpture standing near the entry to a dance studio is also the work of Pone design director Ming Leung. Photography by Chen Ming.

LEDs illuminate a ring recessed in the stone-composite floor as well as in the staircase's risers and balustrades. Photography by Chen Ming.

A dance studio features engineered wood sprung flooring. Photography by Chen Ming.

Movable furniture, ample storage, and running water are essential for a painting studio. Photography by Chen Ming.

Jam sessions can take place in an open space upstairs. Photography by Chen Ming.

Stair balustrades are painted gypsum-board. Photography by Chen Ming.

Ballet students appropriate a corridor with an aperture overlooking the staircase. Photography by Chen Ming.

Hele’s ground-up structure stands in front of a tower built by China Poly Development Holdings. Photography by Chen Ming.

The school serves children from 4 to 12 years old. Photography by Chen Ming.

A dance studio at Hele International Art Center by Pone Architecture. Photography by Chen Ming.