Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia Dig Deep for Blue Lagoon's Retreat Hotel and Spa

In Grindavík, Iceland, the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal water wraps the Retreat Hotel and the Retreat Spa, both by Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

The hotel lobby’s reception desk combines lava stone and leather. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon. 

Suites with private lagoon access sit at the ends of the two wings, largely constructed from precast concrete. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

In the hotel lobby lounge, Icelandic ceramics from the 1960’s and ’70’s accompany chairs by Antonio Citterio. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

Partitions in Brazilian cherry define a niche off the lobby lounge. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

Visible from the hotel’s yoga room, the lava field resulted from a volcanic eruption in 1226 A.D. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

A bathtub in quartz composite stands in the corner of a guest room. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

The guest corridors’ polyester carpet was custom-printed with a pattern based on an aerial view of a moss-covered lava field. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

In a suite’s living area, Citterio’s sectional wraps Vincent Van Duysen’s cocktail table. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

Lava stone and lacquered walnut meet at the chef’s table at Moss Restaurant. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon's mineral-rich water attracts more than one million visitors annually. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

Lava stone, digitally scanned, supplied the pattern for the water-jet cut aluminum screen outside the lobby. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

The wine cellar’s concrete floor pulls back to reveal the layer of pumice at the base of the lava stone walls. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

Craned into position before the spa roof was built, the lava stone juice bar weighs 10,000 pounds. Photography courtesy of Blue Lagoon.