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1212-Studio, Inc., Lighting Consultant
2x4, New York, New York
3 Byte Intermedia, Inc., Technology Consultant, New York, New York
A-Val Architectural Metal, Glasswork/Metalwork, Mount Vernon, New York
Acentech, Inc., Acoustical Engineer, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Acoustic Distinctions, Acoustical Engineer, New Rochelle, New York
Activate the Space, New Hartford, Connecticut
Advanced Millwork, Orlando, Florida
AGS, Civil Engineer, Structural, San Francisco, California
AHA Consulting Engineers, MEP, Lexington, Massachusetts
AHBE Landscape Architects, Los Angeles, California
Air Space Design, New York
Air Systems, Inc., San Jose, California
AKF Engineers LLP, Engineering Consultant, New York, New York
Akustiks/Akustiks LLC, Acoustical Engineer, Norwalk, Connecticut
Alfa Tech, MEP, San Jose, California
Alfred Williams & Company, Raleigh, North Carolina
Allegheny Millwork, Millwork, Lawrence, Pennsylvania
AM Cabinets, Millwork, Gardena, California
AMA Consulting Engineers, MEP, New York, New York
Ambrosino, DePinto & Schmeiderer, MEP, New York, New York
Americon HITT, New York, New York
Appalachian Stitching Company, LLC, Littleton, New Hampshire
ARC Engineering, MEP, Burbank, California
ARC Light Design, New York, New York
Architectural Energy, Creative Design, Westborough, Massachusetts
Architectural Flooring Resources Inc., Architectural Flooring, New York, New York
Archstone Builders LLC, General Contractor, New York, New York
Arredoquattro Industrie, Metalwork, Woodwork, Budrio, Italy
Art Luna, Santa Monica, California
Artcrafters Cabinets, Inc., Metalwork, Woodwork, Los Angeles, California
Arup, Lighting Consultant, MEP, Structural Engineer, London
ASC Andrew Southern Consulting, New York, New York
Ashai Building-Wall Co., Facade Contractor,
Atelier Emmanuel Barrois, Glasswork, Brioude, France
Audio Interiors, Inc., Hauppauge, New York
Axis Design Group, International LLC, Structural Engineering, Newark, New Jersey
B.J. McGlone & Co., INC, Interior Contractor, Edison, New Jersey
Baja Millworks Inc., Millwork, Las Vegas, Nevada
Balfour Beatty, General Contractor, Raleigh, North Carolina
Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, Texas
Barber & Hoffman, Structural/Civil Engineer, Cleveland, Ohio
Barbizon Lighting Company, Lighting Consultant, New York, New York
Barr & Barr, Framingham, Massachusetts
Barrett, Woodyard & Associates, Inc., Engineering Consultant, Norcross, Georgia
Bart & Pieter, Landscaping Consultant, Antwerp, Belgium
Basic Builders Inc., Houston, Texas
Baumgartner+Uriu, Architectural Design, Los Angeles, California
Bayly Art, Metalwork, Woodwork, Arroyo Grande, California
BBH Solutions, Inc., IT, New York, New York
BBI Engineering, Inc., Engineering, San Francisco, California
Beneville Studios, Inc., New York, New York
Benjamin West, Louisville, Colorado
BFI, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Birkenstock Lighting Design, Lighting Design, San Geronimo, California
Bliss Fasman Lighting Design, Light Design, New York, New York
Bloomfield & Associates, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Blue Sky Design, Consulting Engineer, New York, New York
Blum Consulting Engineers, Inc., MEP, Dallas, Texas
Bohler Engineering, Civil Engineer, Warren, New Jersey
Bonland Industries, Wayne, New Jersey
Bosco Sodi, New York, New York
Boston Properties, Boston, Massachusetts
Brandow & Johnston, Inc., Structural/Civil Engineer, Los Angeles, California
BRC Acoustics, Acoustical Engineer, Seattle, Washington
Brian Orter Lighting Design, Lighting Consultant, New York, New York
Broadway Construction Group, General Contractor, Las Vegas, Nevada
BROCHSTEINS, Millwork, Houston, Texas
Brockette Davis Drake, Structural/Civil Engineer, Dallas, Texas
Building Milestones, New York, New York
BuroHappold Engineering, Engineering Consultant, New York, New York
Byer Geotechnical Inc., Geotechnical Engineer, Glendale, California
C.S. Structural Engineering Inc, Structural Engineer, Woodwork, Seongnam-si, Somalia
C.W. Keller & Associates, Plaistow, New Hampshire
Cain Millwork, Inc., Millwork, Woodwork, Rochelle, Illinois
California Glass Bending Corp., Glasswork, Los Angeles, California
Camacho Associates, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Cardinal Engineering, Inc., Civil Engineer, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Casagrande Woodworks, Woodwork, Paso Robles, California
Castle Fire Protection, Inc., Fire Protection, Wharton, New Jersey
CBRE Group, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
CBT Systems, Inc., Poway, California
CD + M Lighting Design Group, Lighting Consultant, Atlanta, Georgia
CFI, Mountainside, New Jersey
CFR Engineering Consultants, Inc., MEP, Germantown, Maryland
CG Schmidt, General Contractor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
CG Tile & Marble, Los Angeles, California
Chapman Construction/Design, Construction Management, Newton, Massachusetts
Charles M Salter & Associates, Acoustical Engineer, San Francisco, California
Charles Tan and Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, California
CharterSills, Lighting Consultant, Champaign, Illinois
Chisholm Millwork, Millwork, Indianapolis, Indiana
Choate Construction Company, Atlanta, Georgia
Cibola Systems, Orange, California
Circle Design Group, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical, Indianapolis, Indiana
City Constructors, Inc., General Contractor, Los Angeles, California
Citynox, Metalwork, Alès, France
Clark Construction Group, LLC, Bethesda, Maryland
Clevenger Frable Lavallee, White Plains, New York
Clifford Dias, PE PC, Consulting Engineer, New York, New York
Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, Lighting Consultant, New York, New York
Clune Construction Ltd., General Contractor, San Francisco, CA
Colvin Engineering Associates, Salt Lake City, UT
COMMsult Communications, Jersey City, New Jersey, NJ
Conway & Owen, Inc., Alpharetta, GA
Cooley Monato Studio, Lighting Consultant, New York, New York
Coyle & Company Graphics, Hauppauge, NY
Crescendo Designs, Southampton, NY
CRI, San Francisco, CA
Cromwell Consulting, Inc., Stoughton, MA
Cross Management Corp., New York, NY
CSI - Tom D. Lynch, Jefferson, NC
Custom FX, New York, NY
Custom Glass Specialists, Los Angeles, CA
CWC Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Czar Incorporated, Belleville, NJ
DAVIS Construction, Rockville, MD
DDG Partners, Manalapan, FL
De-Simone Consulting Engineers, Medellín, Colombia
DeKalb Office Supply, Alpharetta, GA
Denton Stoneworks, Stonework, Garden City, New York
Deployedtech, Colleyville, TX
Design Studio Ma, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Design Workshops, Oakland, CA
Dewberry, Fairfax, VA
DGA Security Systems, New York, NY
Diversified Systems, Kenilworth, NJ
Dome Construction, San Francisco, CA
Duce Construction Corp., New York, NY
Dunn Associates, Salt Lake City, UT
Durite, Great Neck, NY
Dyal Partners, Austin, TX
ECE Construction, Ceiling Contractor, Flooring, Hamburg, Georgia
EverGreene Architectural Arts, Restoration Contractor, Las Vegas, Nevada
First Finish , General Contractor
Gordon L. Polon Structural Engineering, Structural Engineer, Santa Monica, California
Groupe FG Design, Audiovisual Consultant, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Immobiliare Raffaella, General Contractor, Italy
ITF, MEP, Hartheim am Rhein, Georgia
J.T. Magen & Company Inc., Pre-Construction, Construction Management, General Contractor, New York, NY
Kabuki Construction Co., General Contractor
Kolon Global Corp., General Contractor, Gwacheon-si, Somalia
L'Observatoire International, Lighting Consultant, New York, New York
Lachaumette Chaput, Woodwork, Orly, France
LaGuardia Design Group, Landscaping Consultant, Water Mill, New York
Le Dran, Woodwork, Paris, France
Light IQ, Lighting Consultant, London
Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers, MEP, New York, New York
MCM Algemeen Bouwbedrifj, General Contractor, Antwerp, Belgium
Metis Lighting, Lighting Consultant, Milan, Italy
Michilli, General Contractor, New York, New York
Modaa, General Contractor, Santa Monica, California
MRCE, Civil Engineer, New York, New York
Nagata Acoustics, Acoustical Consultant,
New World Faux, Plasterwork, Mill Neck, New York
Nolan Painting, Painting Contractor, Plasterwork, Havertown, Pennsylvania
Orazio De Gennaro Studio, Plasterwork, New York
Plant The Future, Botanical Design, Creative Design, Miami, FL
Reg Hough Associates, Concrete Consultant, Wall Township, New Jersey
Rich Honour Design Group, General Contractor, Taipei
Ruttura & Sons, Concrete Contractor, West Babylon, New York
Secante, Lighting Consultant, France
Structure Tone, Construction Management, New York, NY
Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Mechanical Engineer, Beijing, Switzerland
Thomas Matthews Woodworking, Woodwork, Bridgehampton, New York
Toda Corporation, General Contractor, Structural Engineer,
Trim Master Builders, Inc., Woodwork, Wantagh, New York
Turner Construction, Construction Management, New York, NY
Util Struktuurstudies, Structural Engineer, Belgium
Vegetal Atmosphere, Landscape Consultant, Montreuil, France
Voyons-voir, Lighting Consultant, Paris, France
Wright & Co. Construction, General Contractor, Bridgehampton, New York
WSP Parsons Brinckeroff, Structural Engineer, Montreal, Canada