La Visione by Ippolito Fleitz Group: 2020 Best of Year Winner for Corporate Cafeteria

Photography by Zooey Braun.

Dubbed the “City of Visions,” Object Carpet’s new campus embodies the concept of networking, a place where regional companies from all sectors come together, creating vital cross-industry synergies. Its centerpiece is La Visione, an Italian restaurant for which Ippolito Fleitz developed both the branding and interior design. More than an eatery, the venue also functions as a workplace, a team meeting spot, and a bar for everyone. Above all, it is a point of contact for the renowned carpet manufacturer to engage with the world. The 1,750- square-foot facility is divided sequentially into three sections: lounge, dining area, and wine bar. The first—a coworking zone by day, an aperitif lounge in the evening—centers on a high seating-and-service counter, which dissolves the division between guests and waitstaff. The dining area features a wall collage of textiles—damask, hessian, corduroy, and, of course, carpeting—and an open window into the kitchen. The wine bar offers an intimate setting for private discussions or a convivial nightcap.

Photography by Zooey Braun.
Photography by Zooey Braun.

Project team: Arsen Aliverdiiev; Frederika Eckhoff; Peter Ippolito; You Seok Kirschenmann; Axel Knapp; Lingling Li; Claudia Lira Grajales; Charlotte Scheben; Daniela Schröder; Markus Schmidt; Simranpreet Singh; Carolin Stusak.

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