Red Star Macalline by M Moser Associates: 2020 Best of Year Winner for Large Corporate Office

Photography by Creatar Images.

Relocating a 330,000-square-foot office is no small feat. That’s what M Moser was tasked with when hired to conceive a three-story headquarters for furniture retailer Red Star Macalline in the Hongqiao Central Business District. What’s more, the multidisciplinary team provided workplace strategy, MEP engineering, and construction management in addition to interior design services.

Photography by Creatar Images.

Bringing the wow factor in the spacious entry atrium is a 50-foot-tall structure, rendered in stainless steel and wood veneer, that the firm conceptualized as a birdcage. Contained within it is a spiral staircase that connects the first floor with the third—there’s also a separate escalator linking to the second floor—and conference rooms equipped with smart meeting systems to improve efficiency. By consolidating the formal meeting spaces in this way, the layout preserves privacy and focus in the heads-down work areas, and the birdcage itself serves not to confine but to imbue employ­ees with a feeling of comfort and community.

Photography by Creatar Images.
Photography by Creatar Images.

Project Team: Dave Ge; Spring Wang; Celia Huang; Nina Lv; Bati Gu; An Ling Hao; Richel Gao; Elina Jiang; Asdang Mongkol; Robert Dani; Cavo Mao; Summer Hu; Prince Li; Frank Zhu; Sean Li; Nancy Liu; Maria Mo; Qiang Wang; Phil Xia; Daniel Wang; Hellen Gao;
Wu Da Ming; Jiang Zhi Jun; Zhong Jike.

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