Blue by Alain Ducasse Designed by Jouin Manku: 2020 Best of Year Winner for Fine Dining

Photography by W Workspace.

Tasked with conceiving a quintessentially yet contemporary French restaurant for a riverfront development, Jouin Manku first had to figure out what, exactly, conjures France in the collective imagination. The design team identified things like crystal chandeliers and the color royal blue—and then put its own spin on those traditional characteristics in the 3,200-square-foot space. The reception area and adjacent lounge are intimate and enclosed. The former is paneled in walnut; the latter is centered on a giant column and ringed by staggered, elongated pendant fixtures made of the same wood and trimmed in brass. The dining room, by contrast, is expansive, providing views of the water and cityscape beyond. It’s here that the royal blue appears, on the walls. As for the firm’s take on a crystal chandelier, it crafted a light installation with an organic form that is evocative of a sea creature. Made of pleated fabric, metal, and cut-glass fins, and suspended from the ceiling, it appears to hover over curved banquette seating upholstered in cream leather.

Photography by W Workspace.
Photography by W Workspace.

Project Team: Patrick Jouin; Sanjit Manku; Mickael Gouret; Bruno Pimpanini; Ken Tchikaya.

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