Guangzhou Design Week Exhibition Hall by Jisushe: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Trade Show Booth

PROJECT NAME Guangzhou Design Week Exhibition Hall
LOCATION Guangzhou, China
FIRM Jisushe
SQ. FT. 3,100 SQF

Recently, C&C Design Co. founder Peng Zheng tapped designers from five of the city’s top firms to join him in devising a welcome pavilion for Guangzhou Design Week. The collective, called Jisushe and composed of people from Pone Architecture, Daosheng Design Co., RMA, Leaping Creative, and V2gether, crafted an installation of thousands of wheat chaffs that snagged a 2018 Interior Design Best of Year Award in this very category.

Photography by Tan Zhaoliang.

So it’s no huge surprise that Jisushe returned to the fair a year later to defend its title. Although the collective has won again, its creation is entirely different—more supernatural than natural. The 3,100-square-foot volume made a statement in cobalt blue and shimmering silver, the latter coming from unexpected yet familiar materials: foam covered in tinfoil. Jisushe formed it into a mountain landscape with a jagged fissure carved out of it. Visitors were encouraged to follow the path beneath the crack, an experience akin to walking through a canyon.

The installation was a commentary on evolution, particularly the effects of industrial mass production and digital technology, and life overall. The crack, or change, can, Peng says, help us “connect to another space—and the world.”

Photography by Tan Zhaoliang.
Photography by Tan Zhaoliang.
Photography by Tan Zhaoliang.

Project Team: Golden Ho; Ming Leung; Tony Ho; Alan Chan; Alice Deng; Horace Ray Wong; Zen Zheng.

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