Clap Studio Revamps Dreamy Office in Valencia, Spain, to Promote Rest

PROJECT NAME Event Planning Firm Office
SQ. FT. 3,200 SQF

When the 10 partners of an event planning company met with Clap, a design and branding studio, to assess the needs of their office, work wasn’t the only consideration. Their Valencia, Spain, space would also accommodate—even promote—rest. Regaining mental clarity is crucial during their long days of creative output.

Clap’s solution was to organize the 3,200-square-foot plan by four key words: comfort, teamwork, rest, and game. A concrete wall, corrugated on one side, divides the space into two sections, catering to either collaborative work or recharging. The former is defined by pale oak parquet flooring, communal desks surrounded by cushioned built-ins and particleboard “coffee houses,” and a pair of shared offices. “That side encourages teamwork through open, versatile spaces,” Clap co-founder Àngela Montagud says.

Photography by Daniel Rueda.

A dreamy palette defines the rest/game side. Existing granite floor tiles are painted in polyurethane recalling cotton candy and blue sky. The café centers on a 13-foot-long table in particleboard, the same material that tops the bar. Dove gray polyurethane upholsters tiered seating for wall-projected movies. “Relaxation and disconnecting from work are fostered,” Montagud notes. There’s even a swing.

Photography by Daniel Rueda.
Photography by Daniel Rueda.
Photography by Daniel Rueda.
Photography by Daniel Rueda.

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