Rooftop Oasis by V Studio Enlightens Beijing’s Golden Resources Mall

PROJECT NAME Golden Resources Mall Rooftop Oasis
FIRM V Studio
SQ. FT. 3,500 SQF

No one would ever guess that this oasis exists on the roof of Beijing’s enormous Golden Resources Mall—at 6 million square feet, it’s nearly twice the size of the Mall of America. But the indoor-outdoor aerie by V Studio founder Hu Quanchun takes up just 3,500 square feet.

Enclosed by high mortar walls planted with a perimeter of bamboo, a glass cube houses meeting and dining rooms with minimal furnishings for the company that operates the mall and its corporate guests. Full-height glazing blurs the boundary between interior and exterior as light filters into the 10-foot-high space, creating ever-changing shadow patterns throughout the day. Snowy painted-wood doors and solid-surfacing flooring are intended to disappear, eliminating all traces of materiality, so the U-shape space remains pure. “The overall use of white allows the natural elements—sunshine, bamboo, wind—to be the focus,” Hu says. “Plus, it’s like a traditional Chinese ink painting, with a large white space and few strokes.”

Photography by In Weiqi/V Studio.

This contemporary adaption of the ancient concept of a Chinese scholar’s garden requires little maintenance other than the occasional trimming and watering of the bamboo. As an added bonus, the slender trees dampen the consumeristic noises below.

Photography by In Weiqi/V Studio.
Photography by In Weiqi/V Studio.
Photography by In Weiqi/V Studio.
Photography by In Weiqi/V Studio.

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