25 Simply Amazing Concrete Interiors

FIRM Multiple

Our roundup of simply amazing interiors from Interior Design 's most recently featured projects. Click on the images below to read the articles and see the slideshows for each project.

Thumbs 880 Green House Park Associates Office 0115.jpg Thumbs 41232 Bathtub Reykjavik Iceland House Eon Architects 0115.jpg Thumbs 8438 Display 02 Aska New York Bluarch 0115.jpg
Thumbs 40495 Hallway Cushman Wakefield Office Gensler 0115.jpg Thumbs 31384 Courtyard 888 Brannan Street Gensler 0115.jpg Thumbs 19855 Seating 911 Memorial Museum Davis Brody Bond 0115.jpg
Thumbs 37665 Tasting Bar Westland Distillery Urbanadd Architecture Design 0215.jpg Thumbs 40565 Piano Senzoku Gouken College Music KO Design Studio 0115.jpg Thumbs 58893 Booth Agency Office Belzberg Architects 0115.jpg
Thumbs 68848 P832 Innocean Office Frankfurt 09 CF017511 Press.jpg Thumbs 77250 Foyer Le Meridien Zhengzhou Neri Hu Design Research Office 0115.jpg Thumbs 6297 Human Drawn Out Light Mass Darin Johnstone Architecture 0115.jpg
Thumbs 83071 Hallway 888 Brannan Street Gensler 0115.jpg Thumbs 77504 Living Room 02 Vacation House Wespi De Meuron Romeo 0215.jpg Thumbs 70704 Bedroom Bern Switzerland Parallel Design 0115.jpg
Thumbs 80971 MB20140517 CC IMG 7524.jpg Thumbs 47628 Dining Room Residence Eon Architects 0115.jpg Thumbs 45820 Bathroom Los Angeles House Patrick Tighe Architecture 0115.jpg
Thumbs 44131 Bedroom Vacation House Wespi De Meuron Romeo 0215.jpg Thumbs 73666 Hallway 02 Iheartmedia A+i Beneville Studios 0215.jpg Thumbs 73194 Dining Tables Bergn Restaurant Selldorf Architects 1214.jpg
Thumbs 50588 Lounge Brooklyn Desks Studiosc 0215.jpg Thumbs 18941 Conference Table Park Associates Office 0115.jpg Thumbs 52212 Booth Seating Yelp Office Cafeteria Studio O A 0115.jpg
Thumbs 46150 Break Room Google Rapt Studio 0115.jpg