Studio Perspektiv Designs Sport-betting Company Fortuna’s Prague Headquarters

For the Prague headquarters of sports-betting company Fortuna Entertainment Group, Studio Perspektiv furnished a lounge with Alvar Aalto stools, ...


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Foshan Topway Design Creates a Metallic Workplace Fit for a Metal Manufacturer

“We tried to create [a] dialogue between the artistry of products and the naturalness of the space,” shares Wang Zhike, a project lead on the ZCMetal showroom and headquarters in Foshan. Photography by Ouyang Yun.

Inspired by natural scenes that seem otherworldly, the team behind metal product customization company ZCMetal wanted their Foshan, China headquarters to flaunt the endless possibilities the material allows. The brand’s furniture, sculptural objects, lighting fixtures and room accents emphasize contemporary carving technology and traditional craftsmanship, resulting in works that resemble fine art. Foshan Topway Design conceived the brand’s new space as an experiential gallery of sorts, which also doubles as a workplace.

At the entrance, visitors are enveloped by a canyon-like passageway crafted from stainless steel, one of many installations that reference the five elements of Chinese culture—gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. “We approached the spatial narrative in a manner such that it pays tribute to nature and creating immersive experiences,” says Wang Zhike, one of the project’s co-leads, along with Li Xiaoshui. The design highlights the unique forging process of metal, presenting different interpretations of the free-flowing state of iron ore when melted at high heat.

The ground is paved with flat and reflective stainless steel to elevate the canyon, and LED screens are installed on the ceiling to simulate a starry night sky or the sun's glow. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
A spiral "bridge" rises from the ground, providing visitors with an opportunity to take in the space from a different vantage point. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
“We created a stainless-steel waterfall-like art installation, presenting the view that water falls down from the ceiling and makes a delightful splash on the ground,” Zhike says about this piece. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
The reception area features organic forms and curves. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
A topographic wall installation adds intrigue to the customer consultation lounge. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
"The spatial scenes feature the harmony of motion and stillness, hardness and softness, and perfectly reveal the charm of naturalism," says Zhike. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
The brand's logo. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
A conference room decked out in metal, from floor to ceiling. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
Sculptural seating is custom made by ZCMetal. Photography by Ouyang Yun.
Light is an important element throughout, showcasing the fluidity of metal. Photography by Ouyang Yun.

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