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VERONA is a pure aniline, top-grain European leather that features a natural glazing. Verona is produced outside Verona, Italy, home to Romeo and Juliet.


Jamie Stern is a leading producer of furniture, carpet and leather for many of the most prominent architectural and interior design firms in the United States. Over more than 30 years, Jamie Stern has established itself as an important supplier to the hospitality, corporate and residential markets.

Satisfying designers’ requirements is made simple in all three of Jamie Stern’s divisions. Their furniture is made domestically in Hickory, North Carolina, where they have their own frame shop. Likewise, producing leather in a wide range of colors and qualities is facilitated through their New York-based finishing plant. Lastly, the carpet division is supported by a number of long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading overseas carpet factories.

By controlling the entire manufacturing process, Jamie Stern is able to provide the designer with the freedom to control every aspect of a product’s design. This includes colors, textures, dimensions and patterns that extend well beyond the standard Jamie Stern collections. Most importantly, this model does not affect the overall project’s price, lead time or quality.

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