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by Gonzalo Mila/Juan Carlos Ines, 2017
Penta is the story of a first dream come true. Twenty years ago, in 1996, Gonzalo Mila and Juan Carlos Ines designed a lamp made of aluminum. The result was a piece with aluminum sheets folded and joined by their corners. But at that time his idea was a prototype. Even today, this first lamp illuminates Gonzalo's dining room from its simplicity.


In Bover we have been working for years with the idea of contributing in the improvement of space; trying to solve the lighting needs in the most natural way that, as users, we consider to be the most relevant. We are interested in the constant search for timelessness as a concept and at the same time, we try to maintain a balance between trends and the material culture that surrounds and influences us. That soft and discreet line that separates and positions us in front of the others and makes us feel different when we enter our homes, our favorite spaces. In short, in our world.

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