Fly Away Without The Lines

As airport design shifts, replacing contact points with smart technology, experts predict this could be the beginning of the end of long security lines and maze-like gridlock. 

A Remedy for Achy Joints

A new hydrogel developed by scientists could provide an effective substitute for cartilage. The material is the strongest hydrogel to date, and it could be more cost-effective than standard knee surgery.

Ocean Waves Power this Hybrid Boat in the Phillipines
Llamas could be the Source of an Effective Covid-19 Treatment
Australia’s Underwater Museum to Open Soon

Inside the World's First Regenerative Highway

Since ancient times, humans have been altering the environment to create throughways for the transport of food and goods, not to mention travel and military defense. But over the course of thousands of years, little has changed regarding the way roads are built. It’s still a necessity to clear trees and disrupt layers of earth to make way for smoother, more durable foundations, but at what cost?  

Carbon Awareness 2.0
It's Electric: Lyft Announces Sustainability Goals
edg Reveals 3-D Printed Cast Concrete Collection

When technology and design collide, there are often amazing outcomes. For the architecture and engineering firm edg, one such result of technology-driven design is the Synthesis 3D collection. This portfolio of cast-concrete furniture and wall paneling was developed with, and named after, edg’s own 3-D printing software, which has vast ­­­­­­­­design and customization capabilities, as the new collection makes abundantly evident.

Bees… and bubbles?

Dr. Eijiro Miyako has developed a method for pollination using soap bubbles. Miyako’s soapy concoction successfully fertilized a pear orchard in Japan. This could provide an alternative to bee pollination, which has declined along with the bee population.

The Newest COVID-19 Testing Shield
Take a Look at the Future of Commuting
Scientists Eye Squids For Clues to Human Genetics

Cacti Could Be The Perfect Biofuel

In Camémbaro, Mexico, the Nopal plant has a lot of potential as a biofuel source—it doesn’t need much water or additional land space, and it’s already used to power industrial buildings. In the near future, it could also power cars.

Bacteria Navigate a Difficult Maze
Space Company Plans to Sling Rockets into Orbit
Group Selfies Survive Social Distancing

Apple is developing technology that will be able to generate group selfies, a lost pastime in the age of social distancing, by combining individual selfies into one photo.

Stackable Homes are Here

Startup company Module has developed affordable modular homes that can expand by stacking additional floors. What’s more? They’re energy efficient too.

Cashless Villages Are Popping Up In India
Farewelll Cement, Hello Binding Agents Made from Seaweed and Shells
Pass The Pasta, and The Clean Fuel

Next Level Energy Efficient Office Design

Design firm LPA created a California office space that consumes an estimated 70 percent less energy than one of comparable size, type, and location. How? A mix of smart lighting and space planning for starters. 

Introducing the World's Most Sustainable Shoe
Chocolate Just Got Even Better
Forget High-Tech, Go Lo—TEK
Ventilators Made From... Car Parts?

Afghanistan's all-girls robotics team, the Afghan Dreamers, found a way to build emergency ventilators out of car parts, arming healthcare workers with much needed equipment during the pandemic. 

Trailblazing Rovers on Mars

Even NASA's technology experiences glitches now and then. About a decade ago, its Spirit rover got stuck in a sand trap on Mars, unable to wriggle free. But engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a series of motions that could help future rovers blaze ahead, even in challenging terrain. 

Go Incognito with this Jacket
A Second Life for Wind Turbines
The Dark Side of LED Lights

Can We Zap Away Coronavirus Pathogens?

Some scientists are turning to ultraviolent germicidal irradiation, similar to bringing the power of sunlight indoors, to zap pathogens out of the air in public spaces in hopes of curbing the spread of coronavirus infections. 

The Life of Lizards
Inventive Upcycling: Rubber Band Garments
Cargo Industry Goes Full Steam Ahead to Curb Carbon
Get Crafty To Protect Your Health

Design professors share tips and tricks for creating your own face mask at home. 

The Role of 3D Printing In the Coronavirus Crisis

Two Italian engineers—founders of a company that makes items such as earthquake sensors and silicone bandages—take their country's ventilator valve shortage into their own hands. 

Paging Doctor... Smartphone?
Living in a Digital (Post-Coronavirus) World
Compost That Dress, It's Made With Wood Pulp

How Will Driverless Cars Change City Streets?

There's no shortage of speculative plans that reimagine the future screetscape. But is it a road to nowhere? 

Step Aside, Sniffer Dogs
A Coast Away From Silicon Valley
Space Food For A New Era