Paging Doctor...Smartphone?

As the coronavirus outbreak unfolds throughout the world, people are staying in and looking to their phones for medical diagnoses.  

The Role of 3D Printing In the Coronavirus Crisis

Two Italian engineers—founders of a company that makes items such as earthquake sensors and silicone bandages—take their country's ventilator valve shortage into their own hands. 

Living in a Digital (Post-Coronavirus) World
Compost That Dress, It's Made With Wood Pulp
How Will Driverless Cars Change City Streets?

Inside the World's First Regenerative Highway

Since ancient times, humans have been altering the environment to create throughways for the transport of food and goods, not to mention travel and military defense. But over the course of thousands of years, little has changed regarding the way roads are built. It’s still a necessity to clear trees and disrupt layers of earth to make way for smoother, more durable foundations, but at what cost?  

A Coast Away From Silicon Valley
Space Food For A New Era
House Of Dots

LEGO invited artist Camille Walala to create a whimsical public art installation in London, which incorporates the brand's new 2D tiles: LEGO DOTs. 

These Tech Innovations Help Reduce Carbon Impact

As architects and designers prioritize sustainable design initiatives, the demand is growing for tools to calculate and better understand ways to reduce carbon emissions. Take a look at these three innovations, which make sustainable design more accessible. 

Ice Cream On Demand, Delivered By Drones
Introducing The "Anti-Solar Panel"
Cotton with The Strength of Steel

These Sleeping Pods Come With A Steep Price

Would you pay $1,000 to call a 50-square-foot 'sleeping pod' home? One developer is betting that the answer is yes, given his proposal for a housing project in San Francisco that features 88 dormitory-style pods in the lower level of two apartment buildings. 

Spider-Man Sans The Suit
Bacteria That Builds Bricks Is Here
A Bird's Eye View of Urban Renewal

As we settle into 2020, a look back at the last decade shows it was a transformative one for building developments. Take a look at how the tech industry, and other factors, led to the creation entirely new neighborhoods as seen from 400 miles above. 

Avatar On Wheels

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a futuristic concept car inspired by the film "Avatar" at CES, and it's as groundbreaking as the movie. 

Is Your Dog Stressed?
Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
Are You Real? The Advent of AI Beings

It's Electric: Meet the World's Fastest Airplane

Rolls-Royce is redefining the nature of air travel with its all-electric airplane, which can reach speeds of up to 300 mph. 

3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Healthcare
This Yacht Dives Deep
Would you work in an old airplane hangar?
Make Way for 3D-Printed Neighborhoods

The world's first 3D-printed neighborhood is in the works in a rural part of Mexico, offering impoverished families an opportunity to live in sturdier homes than those constructed themselves from materials on hand.

May The Force Be With You

Who doesn't love the idea of a Star Wars design collaboration with Porsche? The luxury car manufacturer recently teamed up with Lucasfilm designers to create a new starfighter model, which will be unveiled at the "Rise of Skywalker" premiere in L.A. 

Cows Test Their Sea Legs
A Look At Future Farms
Next Gen Nuclear Plants Are Here

Could Your DNA Help You Date?

Geneticist George Church is developing a dating app based on genetics, which he says could wipe out inherited disease. Would you try it? 

Meet The Search Engine Tackling Climate Change
Calculating Carbon Emissions is Key to Improving Health
Drink Vodka out of Thin Air? Yup.
Chip Ahoy!
Chipping parties could bring implants to a limb near you and some companies (and people) are all about it. Welcome to our future.

Holograms Come of Age

Researchers from the University of Sussex have found a way to create holograms that you can not only see but also hear and even feel using ultrasound waves.

Hats off to this 3D Printed Helmet
A House Blanket Could be the Solution to Wildfires
Walk This Way

Want To Mix Music Like A Pro?

A new app, called Bounce, aims to help artists collaborate, even if you don't have a record deal yet.

It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's a Volocopter
Revolutionary Science Makes Its Way into Flooring Design
The Future of Food