24/7 Temperature Check

Wearable devices that monitor shifts in body temperature may better indicate infections, including COVID-19, than random fever checks, early data suggests. 

The Humble Fruit Fly

Meet the essential workers of the insect realm—fruit flies, and the people who help sustain them for scientific research. 

The Vaccine Paper Trail
The Shape of Self-Driving Cars
CDs Get a Second Life

Designers Turn to Resilient Design to Reshape the Built Environment

As the pandemic continues to place new demands on the built environment, designers are tasked with creating spaces that protect the physical, as well as mental and emotional, health and wellbeing of those within them. But adaptability also is key. When considering return-to-workplace plans, designers must do more than keep people safe—they must also foster new and evolving human behaviors. The question that remains top of mind is: How, exactly?    

Interface Takes Over DesignTV by SANDOW
IKEA Opens First Second-Hand Store in Sweden for Trial Run
Set Sail With A Mission

Meet Oceanbird, a cargo ship powered by giant wings meant to reduce carbon emissions typically released into the air by traditional engines. 

Manufacturers Take Recycling Efforts into Own Hands with Innovative Programs

While wellness remains top of mind given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some flooring manufacturers also are combatting another health concern—the mounting consequences of our warming planet. Action to reduce carpet waste, four billion pounds of which end up in landfills each year, is imperative as product demand rises, especially on the heels of the Carpet & Rug Institute’s recent announcement to suspend a $4 million voluntary product stewardship program. 

Introducing Glass Made From Mussels
New Technology Could Generate Sweet Dreams
Could Diamonds and Durian Fruit Hold the Key to Sustainable Batteries?

The Ultimate Quarantine Project

Filmmaker Fernando Livschitz created a stop-motion video while isolating at home in Buenos Aires using over 800 pieces of wood that depicts a silhouette seamlessly break dancing. The filmmaker used a real break dancer to develop the stop-motion video frame by frame.

Dive into Underwater Research
Internet Goes Airborne
3D Print A Floating Home

In the Czech Republic, an artist 3D-printed a house in two days. It is expected to last 100 years and can be positioned on land or float on water.

Fly Away Without The Lines

As airport design shifts, replacing contact points with smart technology, experts predict this could be the beginning of the end of long security lines and maze-like gridlock. 

A Remedy for Achy Joints
Ocean Waves Power this Hybrid Boat in the Phillipines
Llamas could be the Source of an Effective Covid-19 Treatment

Australia’s Underwater Museum to Open Soon

Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has created a collection of underwater sculptures installed in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The collection includes a sculpture rising out of the water that changes color according to the ocean’s temperature.

This Fragrance is out of this World
Carbon Awareness 2.0
It's Electric: Lyft Announces Sustainability Goals
edg Reveals 3D Printed Cast Concrete Collection

When technology and design collide, there are often amazing outcomes. For the architecture and engineering firm edg, one such result of technology-driven design is the Synthesis 3D collection. This portfolio of cast-concrete furniture and wall paneling was developed with, and named after, edg’s own 3D printing software, which has vast ­­­­­­­­design and customization capabilities, as the new collection makes abundantly evident.

Bees… and bubbles?

Dr. Eijiro Miyako has developed a method for pollination using soap bubbles. Miyako’s soapy concoction successfully fertilized a pear orchard in Japan. This could provide an alternative to bee pollination, which has declined along with the bee population.

The Newest COVID-19 Testing Shield
Take a Look at the Future of Commuting
Scientists Eye Squids For Clues to Human Genetics

Cacti Could Be The Perfect Biofuel

In Camémbaro, Mexico, the Nopal plant has a lot of potential as a biofuel source—it doesn’t need much water or additional land space, and it’s already used to power industrial buildings. In the near future, it could also power cars.

Bacteria Navigate a Difficult Maze
Space Company Plans to Sling Rockets into Orbit
Group Selfies Survive Social Distancing
Stackable Homes are Here

Startup company Module has developed affordable modular homes that can expand by stacking additional floors. What’s more? They’re energy efficient too.

Cashless Villages Are Popping Up In India

What does it take to create a digital village? One bank in India set out to do just that, introducing cashless banking and widespread WiFi access to several rural villages in the country to help improve economic output. 

Farewelll Cement, Hello Binding Agents Made from Seaweed and Shells
Pass The Pasta, and The Clean Fuel
Next Level Energy Efficient Office Design

Introducing the World's Most Sustainable Shoe

Adidas and Allbirds, the sneaker startup, are joining forces to design a performance shoe with the lowest carbon footprint ever. 

Chocolate Just Got Even Better
Forget High-Tech, Go Lo—TEK
Ventilators Made From... Car Parts?