CREATIVE HOUSE by Questlove and SANDOW to Champion Innovation

Innovation is the name of the game at SANDOW, as evidenced by the brand’s latest collaboration with Grammy Award–winning musician and New York Times bestselling author Questlove (not to mention Interior Design's Innovation channel, too). The venture, called CREATIVE HOUSE, aims to unite a diverse mix of artists, designers, inventors, and innovators to inspire, connect, and ideate all kinds of new brands and products. Further details will be announced in January 2019, but Questlove provided a snapshot of the project at this year’s Adobe MAX Creativity Conference.

IRL Glasses Deliver "They Live" Levels of Un-Reality

In John Carpenter's iconic film They Live, protagonist John Nada dons a pair of innocuous sunglasses and discovers a horrifying reality: the world has been taken over by aliens who keep their identities and intentions secret by subliminally controlling the human population through mass media. Now, that same idea has been taken to its opposite extreme by engineer Scott Blew and artist Ivan Cash in the form of IRL Glasses. These seemingly ordinary sunglasses use Steelcase's Casper screen-blocking film to completely black out all screens. If the glasses from They Live revealed a nightmare to the wearer, IRL Glasses may deliver a dream. 

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From Fringe Idea to Mainstream Imperative: The Future of Design Depends on Biomimicry

Over the Earth's 3.8 billion-year history, plants and animals have come up with ingenious design solutions to keep them alive and thriving. Today, the idea of looking to nature to improve the functionality and sustainability of humanity’s creations is gaining steam in the architecture, design, and engineering industries. It's called biomimicry and it's here to stay.

Leather, Now For So Much More Than Shoes
In the Future, Couples Will Break Up Over Everything Except Assembling Ikea Furniture
Aston Martin Goes Electric With New Rapide E Sports Car

Electric, not gas. James Bond's preferred automotive brand moves into the future with the release of the Rapide E all-electric luxury sports car in 2019. The car will be powered by 5,600 lithium-ion 18650 format cylindrical cells and can go from 0-60 mph in under four seconds. 

The Truth Is Out There In Technosignatures

The quest to find evidence of extraterrestrial life has largely focused on the hunt for exo-planets and watery moons, but in the 20th century it was all about finding technosignatures. Largely comprised of radio signals and/or microwaves, technosignatures present not only an opportunity to find alien life, but intelligent alien life. Representatives from NASA, SETI, the Planetary Science Institute, and large research universities held a three-day conference in Houston to re-examine this avenue, astoundingly due to pressure from Congress in support of these efforts. Maybe it has something to do with Space Force.

Save the Birds with LEDs!
Boeri, Diller, and Sejima Make Their Milan Fashion Week Debut
Dockless Bicycles Contribute to Smart City Planning

Star-Studded Design Team Reimagines Claude Debussy’s Only Opera, Pelléas et Mélisande

A new incarnation of Pelléas et Mélisande, the only opera ever completed by Claude Debussy, in 1902, is a feast for the eyes—literally. Current-day directors and choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet envisioned the Opera Vlaanderen and Royal Ballet Flanders production as a window into the human soul. “The libretto is so much about vision that we thought to make the story unfold inside an eyeball,” Jalet explains.

Rothy's Debuts Sneaker Style
Weather Graphics Become Frighteningly Advanced
Kaffeeform Makes Coffee Ground Cups

A new material has emerged to tackle the problem of non-recyclable disposable coffee cups: coffee grounds. A Berlin-based backyard startup called Kaffeeform has found a way to combine used coffee grounds and natural adhesives to make sustainable cups, saucers, and to-go mugs. The products lightly smell of coffee and come in a deep brown color, in addition to being dishwasher-safe and biodegradable. 

Women Are Finally Having Their Moment in Architecture

Since antiquity, architecture has remained in the realm of "men's professions." A handful of female architects made dents, but their accomplishments went virtually unrecognized by professional institutions and the public at large. But women architects are finally getting their due credit and professional barriers are incrementally lifting, enabling several women to make lasting contributions to some of the world's most design-forward cityscapes. 

California's High-Speed Rail Finally a Reality
The Tesla of the Sea Has Arrived
Coca-Cola Bets On A New Drug

Carbon XPrize Contestants Transform CO2 Into Valuable Products

Carbon capture may be in its infancy, but it'll need to grow quickly if we're to rely on it to mitigate global climate change. The Carbon XPrize currently has ten teams competing for the $20 million purse prize. The goal is to transform captured carbon into products that can be used in the built environment, or as alternative fuels, or commercially available items. 

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...
Food Gets The Futurist Treatment

We may not have flying cars or jet packs (yet), but the future is undoubtedly here. That reality of unprecedented changed applies to what and how we eat, too. The future of food looks hopeful, with a predicted abundance of tasty faux-meat products, personalized diets tailored to your genome, and an increase in genetically engineered foods that will provide more nutrition in a smaller serving size.

LEGO Builds A Life-Size Bugatti Chiron

The life-sized LEGO Bugatti Chiron might not drive as fast as the original, but it still looks great. Over 13,000 hours of work and a million LEGO Technics went into recreating the world's fourth-fastest car, which sports motors from the LEGO Power Function platform. The car tops out at just 12 mph, making it 21-times slower than the real Bugatti Chiron.

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Monthly Subscription Service Comes for the Automobile Industry

Music and movies are available with just a press of a button thanks to modern technology. Now imagine that instantaneous convenience applied to cars. That's what a handful of car subscription services, which would allow customers country-wide to change automobiles as frequently as they skip songs, are angling to fully develop over the coming years.

NASA Scientists Use Tech-Forward Tools to Monitor Water Conservation
Scientists Create Nanobot Aerosol
Moscow's Metro Is a Design Kaleidoscope
So Apparently Robo-Bees Are a Thing

Robo-bees may sound like our worst nightmare, but they could be a dream come true for the endangered insects and their human saviors. A group of European scientists developed robotic bees to learn how other social animals communicate and maybe one day use that knowledge to influence their survival rates. The experiment was also conducted on zebra fish, opening up an avenue to save aquatic animals, too. 

Mexico Aims to Take the Lead in Latin American Solar Development

In the Mexican state of Coahuila, Italian energy firm Enel will install 2.3 million solar panels over nearly 3,000 acres, providing enough electricity to power 1.3 million homes by the end of 2018. By 2024, Mexico aims to generate up to 35% of its energy from renewables, a sizable portion of which will come directly from solar panels. Only a few years ago, Mexico's energy industry was driven by a crude-oil-based state monopoly, but the emerging realities of climate change provoked the government into exploring greener alternatives. 

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Solar-Powered Ikea Gadgets are Coming

Icelandic-Danish artist and environmental activist Olafur Eliasson recently announced a new partnership with furniture giant IKEA to mass produce solar-powered, off-the-grid gadgets. IKEA and Eliasson aim to continue the mission started with his Little Sun solar-energy enterprise and eventually expand on it with new products. It is not exactly known yet what IKEA will produce, but some early concept ideas, like water pumps and off-grid satellite-communication devices, were suggested. 

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