Interface Takes Over DesignTV by SANDOW

In case you missed the Interface takeover on DesignTV by SANDOW Oct. 27, there's still time to watch the two programs that premiered from Interior Design and Metropolis, produced in partnership with the leading manufacturer of sustainable flooring. 

IKEA Opens First Second-Hand Store in Sweden for Trial Run

IKEA, the multinational furnishing brand, is spotlighting the importance of limiting furniture waste by opening its first second-hand store in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on Nov. 2. Located in ReTuna Återbruksgalleria—an innovative mall for recycled and upcycled goods—the 74-square-meter store will open for six months as part of a pilot run as IKEA aims to become "a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030."

Set Sail With A Mission
Introducing Glass Made From Mussels
New Technology Could Generate Sweet Dreams

Manufacturers Take Recycling Efforts into Own Hands with Innovative Programs

While wellness remains top of mind given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some flooring manufacturers also are combatting another health concern—the mounting consequences of our warming planet. Action to reduce carpet waste, four billion pounds of which end up in landfills each year, is imperative as product demand rises, especially on the heels of the Carpet & Rug Institute’s recent announcement to suspend a $4 million voluntary product stewardship program. 

The Ultimate Quarantine Project
Dive into Underwater Research
Internet Goes Airborne

To provide internet access to regions of Kenya, Loon will launch balloons with 4G internet into the sky. The network of balloons will give more people much needed access to information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

3D Print A Floating Home

In the Czech Republic, an artist 3D-printed a house in two days. It is expected to last 100 years and can be positioned on land or float on water.

Fly Away Without The Lines
A Remedy for Achy Joints
Ocean Waves Power this Hybrid Boat in the Phillipines

Llamas could be the Source of an Effective Covid-19 Treatment

Scientists have found antibodies that could successfully block infection from the Covid-19 virus. These unique ‘nanobodies’ are found only in llamas and other camelids—likely due to a genetic mutation.

Australia’s Underwater Museum to Open Soon
This Fragrance is out of this World
Carbon Awareness 2.0

Take a look at how educators, architects, and designers throughout the industry are making strides to reduce their carbon footprints in the rise of "come-to-carbon" moments. 

It's Electric: Lyft Announces Sustainability Goals

Lyft recently announced its daring plan to use only electric vehicles by 2030. The company also committed to increasing equity in transportation for vulnerable communities. Other leading companies may be inspired to follow suit.

edg Reveals 3D Printed Cast Concrete Collection
Bees… and bubbles?
The Newest COVID-19 Testing Shield

Take a Look at the Future of Commuting

Startup company Virgin Hyperloop One is developing a fast and sustainable transportation system that could be available to the public by 2030. Imagine being able to travel at the speed of airplanes in driverless levitating pods? 

Scientists Eye Squids For Clues to Human Genetics
Cacti Could Be The Perfect Biofuel
Bacteria Navigate a Difficult Maze
Space Company Plans to Sling Rockets into Orbit

SpinLaunch is developing a 100+ yard-wide centrifuge that could propel rockets into orbit by rapidly spinning and launching them into the air. If all goes well, the technique could change the nature of space travel. 

Group Selfies Survive Social Distancing

Apple is developing technology that will be able to generate group selfies, a lost pastime in the age of social distancing, by combining individual selfies into one photo.

Stackable Homes are Here
Cashless Villages Are Popping Up In India
Farewelll Cement, Hello Binding Agents Made from Seaweed and Shells

Pass The Pasta, and The Clean Fuel

A pasta producer near Naples, Italy, is testing a mix of hydrogen and natural gas as fuel in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, making use of boilers that also provide heat to dry and sterilize noodles. 

Next Level Energy Efficient Office Design
Introducing the World's Most Sustainable Shoe
Chocolate Just Got Even Better
Forget High-Tech, Go Lo—TEK

A new book by Julia Watson, Lo—TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism, sheds light on a design movement based on indigenous philosophy and vernacular architecture to build a more sustainable future. Think aqueducts and bridges made of living tree roots. 

Ventilators Made From... Car Parts?

Afghanistan's all-girls robotics team, the Afghan Dreamers, found a way to build emergency ventilators out of car parts, arming healthcare workers with much needed equipment during the pandemic. 

Trailblazing Rovers on Mars
Go Incognito with this Jacket
A Second Life for Wind Turbines

The Dark Side of LED Lights

LEDs have become the gold standard of energy efficient lighting, but lighting researchers estimate that manufacturing them actually releases more than double the amount of carbon dioxide than manufacturing more conventional lighting. 

Can We Zap Away Coronavirus Pathogens?
The Life of Lizards
Inventive Upcycling: Rubber Band Garments