Introducing the World's Most Sustainable Shoe

Adidas and Allbirds, the sneaker startup, are joining forces to design a performance shoe with the lowest carbon footprint ever. 

Chocolate Just Got Even Better

A Swiss research team has found a way to create iridescent chocolate with shimmering rainbow hues. 

Forget High-Tech, Go Lo—TEK
Ventilators Made From... Car Parts?
Trailblazing Rovers on Mars

Inside the World's First Regenerative Highway

Since ancient times, humans have been altering the environment to create throughways for the transport of food and goods, not to mention travel and military defense. But over the course of thousands of years, little has changed regarding the way roads are built. It’s still a necessity to clear trees and disrupt layers of earth to make way for smoother, more durable foundations, but at what cost?  

A Second Life for Wind Turbines
The Dark Side of LED Lights
Can We Zap Away Coronavirus Pathogens?

Some scientists are turning to ultraviolent germicidal irradiation, similar to bringing the power of sunlight indoors, to zap pathogens out of the air in public spaces in hopes of curbing the spread of coronavirus infections. 

The Life of Lizards

Lizards may offer leads on evolution, a new study shows, drawing on data in countries struck by hurricanes that suggests cataclysmic weather can reshape entire species.

Inventive Upcycling: Rubber Band Garments
Cargo Industry Goes Full Steam Ahead to Curb Carbon
Get Crafty To Protect Your Health

The Role of 3D Printing In the Coronavirus Crisis

Two Italian engineers—founders of a company that makes items such as earthquake sensors and silicone bandages—take their country's ventilator valve shortage into their own hands. 

Paging Doctor... Smartphone?
Living in a Digital (Post-Coronavirus) World
Compost That Dress, It's Made With Wood Pulp

Finnish design brand Marimekko, known for maximalist prints, partnered with a fabric innovation startup to develop wood pulp-based fabric, which requires 99% less water than cotton production. Plus, each garment can be recycled or composted at the end of its lifecycle. 

How Will Driverless Cars Change City Streets?

There's no shortage of speculative plans that reimagine the future screetscape. But is it a road to nowhere? 

Step Aside, Sniffer Dogs
A Coast Away From Silicon Valley
Space Food For A New Era

House Of Dots

LEGO invited artist Camille Walala to create a whimsical public art installation in London, which incorporates the brand's new 2D tiles: LEGO DOTs. 

These Tech Innovations Help Reduce Carbon Impact
Ice Cream On Demand, Delivered By Drones
Introducing The "Anti-Solar Panel"
Cotton with The Strength of Steel

Researchers at Northwestern University are collaborating with the United States Army to develop a cotton fabric that rapidly neutralizes deadly nerve agents. 

These Sleeping Pods Come With A Steep Price

Would you pay $1,000 to call a 50-square-foot 'sleeping pod' home? One developer is betting that the answer is yes, given his proposal for a housing project in San Francisco that features 88 dormitory-style pods in the lower level of two apartment buildings. 

Spider-Man Sans The Suit
Bacteria That Builds Bricks Is Here
A Bird's Eye View of Urban Renewal

Avatar On Wheels

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a futuristic concept car inspired by the film "Avatar" at CES, and it's as groundbreaking as the movie. 

Is Your Dog Stressed?
Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
Are You Real? The Advent of AI Beings
It's Electric: Meet the World's Fastest Airplane

Rolls-Royce is redefining the nature of air travel with its all-electric airplane, which can reach speeds of up to 300 mph. 

3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

As 3D printing gains momentum across sectors, it's proving to be a game-changer in healthcare. The technology is making costly prosthetics more accessible and improving neonatal care with 3D-printed holders for syringes used to feed premature babies. 

This Yacht Dives Deep
Would you work in an old airplane hangar?
Make Way for 3D-Printed Neighborhoods

May The Force Be With You

Who doesn't love the idea of a Star Wars design collaboration with Porsche? The luxury car manufacturer recently teamed up with Lucasfilm designers to create a new starfighter model, which will be unveiled at the "Rise of Skywalker" premiere in L.A. 

Cows Test Their Sea Legs
A Look At Future Farms
Next Gen Nuclear Plants Are Here