Top 100 Giants

Total square footage rocketed 40 percent to a new record of 1.68 billion (after a “mere” 1.2 billion in 2019). The Giants forecast even greater spaces: 1.9 billion square feet in 2021. That sounds good, but it’s actually proof that the Giants are being paid less for their work. Fees per square foot fell from $97 to $89 in 2020, but it should be noted that $89 is in line with 2016–19 numbers. Total jobs remained mostly steady at 71,380; the 2021 forecast, however, drops to 61,600, which would be the lowest in four years. This aligns with responses to our survey on the biggest business concerns for the 100 Giants. By far, “client’s willingness to pay what work is worth,” “getting clients to understand design value,” “earning appropriate fees,” and “dealing with clients’ increasing demands” are top of mind.