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Corporate work remains by far the biggest moneymaker for these Giants, with 77 firms working in that sector accounting for nearly 40 percent of all revenue ($1.87 billion). Sector breakdowns remained mostly steady compared to last year, with the next highest-performing being hospitality (15 percent of total fees, $708 million) and healthcare (13 percent, $598 million). Retail, government, residential, and educational remain in the single digits percentage-wise, but generally more than half of the firms work in each of those areas.

Furniture & fixtures and construction products also had a massive year, with $85 billion installed. That's $10 billion more than last year. In case it was a fluke, the 100 Giants are forecasting $76 billion next year. As with total fees, this is the first projected decline for F&F since 2011.

Let's talk volume. The Giants finished 1.2 billion square feet from 70,000 projects last year. Firms earned $137 per square foot, up from $120 last year and the second-highest total ever. But again, next year's forecast is modest: 1.22 billion in square footage. It's accompanied, however, by a healthy jump in projects (82,000).

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