Wid Chapman Attracts 200 to Davis & Warshow

From a hotel in Mexico servicing surfers worldwide to a taco joint opening in New York's East Village, projects by Wid Chapman of Wid Chapman Architects approach hospitality with a clean, sophisticated aesthetic. Last night, Chapman shared his design philosophy with Interior Design ’s Cindy Allen—plus 200 excited industry professionals—at Davis & Warshow 's kitchen and bath showroom in New York.

The evening's presentation revealed Chapman's signature use of graphics and motifs, whether in wall coverings, light fixtures, or in his bold and confident use of color. The architect spoke about his passion for the restaurant community and the recent evolution of the hospitality market, explaining that he tailors work not only for the surrounding neighborhood, but also for the visiting diners. He says he strives to evoke a "sense of place" in all his spaces, transporting anyone who steps into one of his projects to another world.

Chapman also brought insight to the current and future state of branding, saying, “Branding is becoming downplayed… it is in the environment. The brand is about the experience.” When asked what his favorite aspect of design is, he commented on his love for indoor-outdoor spaces and the appeal of fully furnished "outdoor rooms."

Notably, Chapman drew a pack of enthusiastic design students to the event, demonstrating his impact as a faculty member at Parsons The New School for Design and as the coauthor of Unassisted Living and Home Design in an Aging World .